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Ravencoin (RVN) GPU mining I started. Ravencoin GPU mining is something that is profitable for Critical Crypto right now. In this video critical crypto shares why he started GPU mining Ravencoin cryptocurrency.

GPU prices are currently the lowest they have been for years. The reason the GPU prices are down is because Etherium is moving to proof of stake and also the value of the entire crypto market is currently down. Currently it is a buyer’s market for GPU’s which is why Critical Crypto is buying GPU’s to mine Ravencoin.

The second reason Critical Crypto started mining Ravencoin is because the mining difficulty for Ravencoin is very low right now so you can get a lot of coins for minimal effort for a small profit. If the value of Ravencoin goes back up in the future that could turn into a larger profit. Not financial advice, just what the content creator’s strategy is personally.

The third reason Critical Crypto is mining Ravencoin is because the current value is currently under 3 cents. The all time high for Ravencoin is 29 cents so there is definitely room for upside price action in the opinion of the content creator.

The fourth reason Critical Crypto is mining Ravencoin is because it is a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain and Gary Gensler the head of the SEC said Bitcoin is the only crypto he would call a commodity. Also, not legal advice, but it is another reason Critical Crypto decided to mine Ravencoin.

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The final reason Critical Crypto decided to mine Ravencoin is because it is ASIC resistant. ASIC miners are machines specifically designed to mine one specific cryptocurrency. ASIC miners cause crypto’s to become centralized because big companies will buy a bunch of ASIC miners and push out smaller miners and make them not be able to profit.

* Nothing is this video is legal or financial advice. Always do your own research before investing*

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  1. Correct me if I am wrong, but LHR cards are only limited when mining the Ethereum algorithmn. It’s irrelevant if you mine any other algo correct?

  2. In terms of future potential, Ergo is also GPU minable and it can do everything Ravencoin can do (tokens on layer 1) and so much more… (Smart contracts more powerful than Ethereum, with no Gas fees, etc). For example, Monero could be made as a token on the Ergo blockchain with the same privacy features (making the need for Monero redundant).

  3. ravencoin is the only way. 100% decentralized gpu minable token. the ones who know about it now are lucky stack your bags and hodl.

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