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✔️Crypto Mining Parts I use (Amazon Affiliate Links):
✔️Test Bench I use -Cooler Master 700
✔️6 GPU Motherboard (Intel) ASUS Prime Z390-P LGA1151
✔️CPU I Use- (Intel) Celeron G4930 Desktop Processor 2 Core 3.2 GHz LGA1151
✔️7 Inch Monitor for Mining
✔️PSU EVGA 1000W Gold
✔️PSU EVGA 1300W Gold
✔️GPU Cleaner/Duster
✔️Risers (6 pack) 8 Capacitors0 Version 9S
✔️USB 3.0 sticks MicroCenter (5 pack)
✔️16 Gigs Rams(2x8GB) 3200MHz TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB – White
✔️Mining Frame- 6/8 GPU- “Vetta frame”
✔️Cheap Ram -Most used 8 gigs
✔️16 Gig Gig RAM (AMD) (2 x 8GB) Skill Flare DDR4 3200
✔️Intel i3/i5/i7 LGA115x CPU Heatsink and Fan E97379-003
✔️RGB Fans- Asiahorse 120mm
✔️Antec 120mm Case Fan, PC Case Fan High
✔️FormulaMod Sleeve Extension Power Supply Cable Kit 18AWG ATX 24P+ EPS 8-P+PCI-E8-P with Combs for PSU to Motherboard/GPU
✔️Dual PSU Power Supply Extension Cable for ATX Motherboard
✔️Cheap Keyboard and Mouse
✔️Electronic Digital Caliper for Thermal Pads
✔️Thermalright Thermal Pads 0.5mm
✔️Thermalright Thermal Pads 1mm
✔️Thermalright Thermal Pads 1.5mm
✔️Thermalright Thermal Pads 2mm
✔️Thermalright Thermal Pads 2.5mm
✔️Thermalright Thermal Pads 3mm
✔️Watt Voltage Amps Meter
✔️SSD Quick Copier/Burner
✔️Cat 6 Ethernet Cable 20 ft White
✔️Cat 6 Ethernet Cable 25 ft White Flat
✔️Outdoor Cat 7 Ethernet Cable 100ft
✔️18 Inch Fan

0:00 Intro
0:30 GPU Comparison
2:55 Ethereum Hashrate, Performance and Overclocks
4:44 Flux Hashrate, Performance and Overclocks
5:29 Ravencoin Hashrate, Performance and Overclocks
6:04 Final Review
7:50 Outro


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  1. Funny story… I got the EVGA version of this card, too. Exact same problem. Nothing improves the hashrate beyond 29.6 on eth. It does show up as a 2060 on hiveos, though.

  2. I have the exact same behaviour, i just decided to left it to 0 on core and 0 on memory and 130w….very frustraiting 28MH

  3. @Dj Mines I just got the evga xc gaming version in yesterday. It did the same thing for me in hiveos. I tried it in windows and it was worse. Only got 26.6mh @ 94w. I tried different drivers to no avail. It seemed like the over clocks just wouldn’t apply correctly. In fact raising the memory would reduce the hash rate. After messing with it and looking online for hours I finally got it working in hiveos. For some weird reason I had to apply a power limit of 215. Now I’m getting 37.65mh. 1100cc 3200mc 215pl 112w software. It’s been running for 3.5 hours stable. I’ll play with it some more after work to see if I can get it more efficient. Hope this helps!

  4. Hi Dj Mines,
    I know am late to the party but thought I would share my settings on my three Palit 2060 12Gb cards and the ETH hash rates I get in t-rex miner:
    1) 37.71Mhs settings: Power limit 70% Core locked at 1200MHz Memory +1600 Fans on auto runs at 98W
    2) 35.68Mhs settings: Power limit 70% Core locked at 1200MHz Memory +1200 Fans on auto runs at 98/99W
    3) 37.20Mhs settings: Power limit 70% Core locked at 1200MHz Memory +1500 Fans on auto runs at 97/98W

  5. Dj, SickJameS here from Twitch.

    Use the EVGA precision latest drivers and use only EVGA cards in PCEI ports and only use EVGA precision for overclock. I know for a fact that the 3 fan EVGA cards run 100000000x better on EVGA precision X1. Try grouping your EVGA cards together and see what happens. Cheers!

  6. CC 1050
    Mem 2000
    Fan 90
    PL 125
    34MH Stable. [Not optimal, but STABLE]
    I really dislike these cards. I have 10 of them. Stay away if possible – the last resort card

  7. Thanks man. I've been so tempted to pull the trigger on a few of these. Availability is there, but the numbers suck. Just can't, so blown away from my 6600's and 6600xt's that nothing compares. Especially for only a few bucks more.

  8. Techpowerup has the Asus bios, I flashed 7 of the Evga cards and it stops the core clock from dropping. Still working out final numbers but they are currently at 34mhs around 96watts. Just got the cards yesterday so need more time with them. Thanks for the Video.

  9. My 2060 super only gets me 38.75mh. Ive tried everything can't get it over 39mh. Everyone else is getting 43mh

  10. Hey DJ. How did you get the card to pick up correctly in HiveOS? I'm getting the DeviceID like in your video.

  11. I’ve 3 msi ventus 2060 12 gb.
    1st card – 35.5 @90 watts
    2nd card [email protected] watts
    3rd card – [email protected] 88 watts
    All 3 are running non stop without any crash from last 2 months( very stable overclocks) I can push 1mh/s per card i guess,it still runs fine but crashes sometimes.

  12. I got one in the mail today. Hive didn't seem to agree with it at first but I've got it hashing at 38Mh/S with CC locked at 1100

  13. QQ you're to late to make this video.
    I bought this graphics card in January,
    i use hiveos too and it only 28~30MH with94~105W on linux.
    The point is that I bought eight for about $600 each.

  14. Good video, I’m surprised that with now 12GB, this card still does this poorly. I’d definitely recommend stay with the 2060S’s.

  15. I have the same graphics card (exactly the same model and memory) and here are the settings in Windows with Trex for it:
    lock core clock: 1050 mhz
    memory: +1100
    pow.limit: +116
    hash: 36,22 mhs on 108w

    You're welcome

  16. for the memory did you try 2400 to 3000? i get 36.5 on all my 2060 12gbs in windows doing 1200 core and 1400 on the memory (so 2800 in hiveos). they run great! all asus cards

  17. I've got the same card and had similar overclocking issues. The best outcome is with PL set to 215. Any and lower and it hammers the hashrate. My settings are Core 1450, Mem 1900, Pl 215 with P0 state on force. I get 35.5 on one card and 33 with the same settings on another identical card.

  18. Just here to drop you a like! Also, I hoped it would perform better.. Thanks for the vid! 😉

  19. DJ, I get around 36mhs on my Asus 12gb. Great vid, but i think if you duct tape some LED strips to the heat sink, it'll preform better. RGB = more hashessess! #wemadeit 🤙

  20. #imadeit I like the 2060, but around me the prices are out of control. However I have been having really good luck on the 1660Supers I think if I can get enough of them I'll make a 1660Super rig as they do well on eth and rvn

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