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Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market is back in the red with many Altcoins in double digit losses. Is this the end for cryptocurrency? Is this the beginning of a bear market? I’m going to be sharing with you all of this and so much more in this video, if you are a long-term believer in cryptocurrency and you do not think that this is the end, watch this video.

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00:00 3 ways to survive the crypto bear market winter
01:12 Market watch and news
03:00 First way to beat the market
04:14 New project
08:31 Second way to beat the market
09:59 Third way to beat the market
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So, what are these 3 ways to survive the crypto bear market winter?


The first way to beat this bear market is by getting into new projects early and this is exactly what I’ve been teaching you here in the last year on the channel, and the reason why I have been teaching you this is because cryptocurrency is insanely risky. I myself and many others know how risky it can be, but if you take a look at, you can see we have future pools and you can see that we have upcoming pools of a lot of brand new projects. The reason why it is so important to try to get into these projects early is because you have the smallest amount of risk, but also the highest of upside because volatility is at its maximum when these new cryptocurrencies launch.


Dominate the city in this revolutionary open-world MMO RPG Metaverse experience build on Binance Smart Chain.

▪️ CyberTrade is an upcoming NFT-based MMORPG game built on Binance Smart Chain.
▪️ The project is a persistent open world with many mini-games, services such as advertising, land and real estate that will come gradually to life.
▪️ CyberCash ($CCASH) is the next-generation Metaverse governance token. The amount of $CCASH you hold determines your citizen ranking and thus your faith and rights in the city.

Source / Website:


The second way to beat the bear market is to simply dollar cost average. I’m not a huge dollar cost average guy, however, I know from many of you who are doing this more for fun or just some small investing, it’s easier now to just dollar cost average down. The reason why you do something like this is because it’s very difficult to time these markets.


The final way to beat the bear market is by studying and learning, and just observing. It’s very important you put the time in now while everyone else is doing other things. This is where you can really get ahead of the market, and those that do the opposite, basically when no one else wants to learn or things aren’t exciting, that’s when you need to be actually putting in the most work and that’s why you’re in this channel.

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  1. Hey Joe are you going to give your community. Any launch pads that don't have a kyc? Cuz I got a couple.

  2. I don’t think it’s a bear market. I believe we’re all starting over. Accumulation accumulation accumulation! Look at some of Crytpo in green

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