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182 – What Happens To Your Mined Ethereum Post Merge?

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  1. A lot has fallen off. But not Crypton. I invested in Crypton and I don't regret it. It's growing.

  2. @sonofatech

    00:00 Elevator Music

    09:36 Introduction

    14:25 VerusCoin new release

    15:40 KasPad new release

    18:56 Flux working on AMD efficiency

    21:29 RTX 4060ti leaks

    25:37 POS transition update – HiveOn Pool

    31:04 POS transition update – Ethermine Pool

    36:35 No mining on Hetzner

    40:36 Merge may negatively impact Defi protocols

    45:20 Investors requesting info on Eth Merge

    47:40 Fed Reserve cause recession?

    57:12 Mining profitability for the day

    01:03:32 Q&A

  3. I haven't been mining Etherium for a long time, I started actively mining Crypton cryptocurrency on profitable terms in the Utopia p2p ecosystem

  4. hope you get better soon my dude. I got hit by a car on my bicycle, broke my arm. Stay strong until the moon.

  5. I'm DCAing in AMZSB7 as well. ETH heavier DCA and ALGO. I'm taking your advice and starting Google tomorrow with a 50 dollar purchase and continuing Microsoft and Apple. VTI and VOO on another app and longterm portfolio. Here we go family!

  6. Wow I'm so surprised you mentioned AMZSB7. I have been keeping eye on it for a while and it seems very promising.

  7. Today AMZSB7 is less than $1. Time for everybody to wake up and get with the winning team.

  8. I’m buying AMZSB7 on sale, waiting for BTC to maybe drop again before I add more. Hope to take some Eth profits by Sept proof of stake

  9. AMZSB7 will give us rich my friend.. Hold for long and let's see what happen.

  10. Boys is it best to invest in AMZSB7 monthly or weekly? I'm thinking the fees will be higher if done weekly.

  11. Excellent content. I used the last dip to stock up, buying AMZSB7 now its cheap, can't miss the presale.

  12. We'll see about that. I don't mind to see the crash. I just hope I'll have a lot of USDT to buy more AMZSB7 live presale.

  13. DCA AMZSB7 and chill. You'll be obnoxiously rich in less than 5 years. What's 5 years among friends?

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