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200X Solana NFTs – Trippin Ape Tribe, Midnight Panthers, Okay Bears, Okay Bulls, Not Okay Bears

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Nothing in any of our videos is ever financial advice and is for entertainment purposes only.
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  1. Hi guys i have 8 solana right now in my phantom wallet you guys think i can buy 1 after public mint if i miss that?? Really want one

  2. you have not talk about nayan heroes plzzzzzz make small part on that project as well first saw there trailer which look awsome
    love from dubai

  3. What do you expect to get it off secondary for? I'm hoping to get 2 for 40 I don't have any sniping bots

  4. Good content as usual boys! Just a thought but this might just pertain to me. I think maybe you should change your thumbnail a bit because I thought I saw your video already but I didn't it was just the thumbnail looked the same.

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