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4★ Godzilla 1954 UNLOCKED GAMEPLAY THE LEGEND RETURNS RANK ARENA Godzilla Battle line ゴジラ 1954

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4★ Godzilla 1954 UNLOCKED GAMEPLAY THE LEGEND RETURNS RANK ARENA GAMEPLAY Godzilla Battle line ゴジラ (1954)

🔥Godzilla(1954) will finally enter the battle tomorrow!🔥
The new battle piece “Godzilla (1954)”, the origin of the Godzilla series, will appear in Godzilla Battle Line! Details will be provided when implemented.

初代ゴジラ『★4 ゴジラ(1954)』参戦中FireFireFireFire

バトルピース性能はこちらDown pointing backhand index


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  1. by ebirah's poster already it's certain that he will be the next monster and what I await!🙏

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