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5 Music NFT Dapps On Algorand | Opulous, Dequency, ANote Music, Crescendo & Loozr | The Crypto Hour

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Will the music industry live on the Algorand blockchain? Here are 5 dapps to keep your eye on.

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  1. Thank you for having us on the list, yea we are very early and as a team we believe in creators, our goal is to enable them with the right tools for them to succeed with their lovers. Thanks so much for the review, whatta boost! 🤩

  2. Thanks for including us in this great overview! We did in the meantime release our new platform update/redesign. The new website is following shortly and we can also already tell you that soon we'll be sharing a lot more information about our technical roadmap, big things ahead of us! Thans for the support 🙌

  3. Good break down! I’m excited to see which music platforms on Algorand become the most viable (and which model becomes the most successful).

  4. I just checked dequency out last night, cool concept, fills a need. That song "wrek" with Robyn the Bank is sick, she has a strong voice. I went to school for sound engineering so have a decent understanding of how the music industry was. Blockchain and Defi are solving a lot of problems and put more control and revenue in the artists hands. It will be revolutionary.

  5. Hey man, what do you think of Gala Music? Snoop's releasing his album as an NFT and their music nodes look interesting

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