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  1. Love your content but your intros are too long. It’s over a minute before the actual content starts

  2. How on earth are you getting that great view of nodes and transactions in zelcore?
    I have six nodes and screaming for the kind of overview you present

  3. I just setup a Cumulus node. Everything is confirmed and running. It's been on for about a week or so. I haven't seen any rewards.. how long will I see any activity?

  4. I have 7 Raspberry PI 8GB memory… I could build a K3S cluster with it… Is there anyone who has used Kubernetes to build a cluster with 7 Nodes, sharing the same wallet as a VPC? I can bootstrap NIMBUS nodes that way…

  5. Brother, I think you are making a mistake by anticipating the market cap against the price of the flux nodes. You said if price went to ATH of 3.33 then market cap will be around 1.5Billion or so, if price is $7 then 3 Billion. At what circulating supply of nodes are you making this assumption ? You are not putting into consideration that more nodes are also generated during this time. So you basically made price variable and supply fixed. But supply is also variable and will increase. Therefore 1 year from now the supply of flux in the market is more thus when you multiply it with the price the market cap is higher. That’s why it’s not easy for the price to climb up as more people have nodes over time and continually sell correcting the price inflation. Market cap can reach 3 billion or even 5 billion, but that doesn’t mean that the price has increased. Even if circulating supply has increased, market cap increases. It is just a multiply of circulating supply by the price.

  6. I have under-utilized physical servers and multiple VPS's on the major cloud platforms. They generate income for my services business. I'm a potential customer of the Flux network. I'll be testing it soon. If it's commercially viable I might setup some nodes. If a stratus node generates almost 500 flux monthly then it could collateralize the addition of a cumulus node every 2 months. correct?

  7. This video is pointless. There's really no information here. You could say that for any other coin that dropped 80+%…

  8. You need to throw out this imposter that is posing as tactical investor and wants people to contact him via WhatsApp.
    This guy is a major scammer

  9. I was mining Flux with my 3070 rig but keeps shutting off. I need to dig in to see what's going on.

  10. At current prices it seems cheaper to just buy enough Flux as collateral, but instead of renting a VPS buy more Flux monthly for those 11$.

  11. I am not a technical person and due to this reason, I could not stake my Flux till todate. Even at coin metro I could not complete my KYC because I am based in Saudi Arabia. Is there any reliable way for people like me to stake my Flux.

  12. Hi Alex, great content, so you have 3 Cumulus Nodes? Is the Monthly cost per node or altogether for the 3 nodes? Thanks

  13. Bought crypto at All Time High ATH  , haha I got liquidated but thanks to Milogerald I’m recovering.

  14. Shilling another 💩coin based on long gone all time highs.
    Reality is this project has virtually no utility reason its been pumped and dumped.

  15. Alex, another great video! Each day I look forward to hearing another great video!! Any chance you will cover MXC soon, I have made 100k since last summer with my 31 match X Miners! Thx for your help and advice for getting me into MXC

  16. 1. What is the expected amount of bare metal nodes turning off and holder’s liquidating once the internet speed requirement gets implemented. Why not grandfather in existing nodes?

    2. How is the project different then all of its competitors, other then hype and POW. It seems like there are a lot of similar projects. Kind of confused why this one is so profound.

    3. What is the overall rate of inflation of the FLUX token vs each node category profits over the next two years? Gaining vs losing market share slowly is kind of a big deal.

    4. Is this a set it and forget it node or does it involve constant monitoring and maintenance that equates to a $2 an hour job like some other nodes?

    Flux still has some short term hype around it and the fed has signaled that they plan on raising rates well over 2.5%. Let’s revisit this in say November to late January and not jump in too early. Also if you have decent internet speeds think about running bare metal via a used mini pc purchased from some place like EBay. It’s has a resell value and it is way cheaper to buy one vs paying for vps after around a year… even when account for energy. Their cumulus node can even run on a raspberry pi 4.

  17. Instead of last all time high a simple APY based on today's price would be reasonable and let the viewer decide if this is a reasonable investment today

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