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6700XT Kaspa Mining | 395MH @ 114w Wall

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In this video I show how to mine Kaspa coin, and show a rough indication of what the 6700XT can do on this algorithm. Although it could likely be tuned more efficient given time and effort. If this coin gets bigger and more people want me to find the most efficient settings for it, then I can do so on request.

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  1. I heard 3090 is the most efficient on this coin, like 4.4mh/watts, and temperature is very good, like 6x on core and 7x on temp, because this algorithm dont need memory to work. Core 150 mem -2000 and run "nvidia-smi -lmc 810" because we dont need energy on mem, save some wattage.

  2. Kaspa is starting to gain some traction now. Start dual mining it. ERGO and Kaspa coming soon to BZminer, I think SRB might have it now.

  3. KASPA will 1000x .44c Message me from the future when it does.Hopefully my plan went well and i got rich of KASPA

  4. Kaspa will be as hot as Solana. they both use Rust as the core language. fast and data race free thats why Kaspa is lightning fast Proof of Work blockchain.

  5. Thanks for keeping this series going, very important for our future, even if you didn't completely optimize this one. Question: I am still using the following extra config values in TRM for all my AMD Cards (6600XT, 6800, 6800XT): –eth_micro_delay=32 –kernel_vm_mode=RR Any thoughts?

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