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A Quick Glance: RaceFi | What did they mean by 'Pure Race'?

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RaceFi is a racing game that, despite having a launch slated for Q1 of 2022, has not been released yet. Decided to change some of my video styles to quick glances of (potentially) upcoming or dead games and make some commentary on them just because I can.

If you want to check them out for yourself, here’s their link:

If you’ve ever got a question about crypto you need answered then dont hesitate to hop in to one of my livestreams.

I’m not sponsored in any way, Idont personally hold $RACEFI as an investment.
I’m just doing this mostly because I really wanna find the games in this space that will thrive and succeed.
Please keep in mind that I try my best to eliminate my own personal bias as much as possible but I’m still human and am therefore incapable of being completely impartial. I expect you to be bright enough to be able to decide for yourself what may be a good investment or not. I can only give my expertise to try assist in your decision making process.

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