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AZUKI – Biggest NFT project of February or RUG?? | Brutally Honest Reviews ep. 38 (POSSIBLE 10,000x)

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In this video, we continue the NFT honest review series and dive DEEP into Azuki, one of the most highly requested projects. I hope you learned something, I know I did! Let’s continue to push education and real functionality over hype. Because what’s left when the dust settles? Exactly.

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  1. you seem like a good dude but that title and thumbnail make you appear like a clown. Also nobody owns 9 Percent of supply. The biggest Wallet is the Azuki Team Wallet which currently holds around 159 Azuki which are used for many purposes.

  2. Curious what u have to say on lives of Asuna? as its somewhat similar yet a different project in its own right and is still pre-reveal…

  3. would be awesome to do a followup on this with the new insane floor and if you think it's overpriced at current levels. I like that you remind people of bear markets and buying stuff cheaper (unlike 99.9% of other youtubers)

  4. did you check the floor atm it boomed to 13eth!!! Azukis artist is Steamboy and he worked for the art on overwatch its actually crazy, their whole team is filled with big portfolio people!!

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