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BABY TIGER KING REVIEW | Baby Tiger King Honest Review | Invest or Scam | Find Out

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BABY TIGER KING REVIEW | Baby Tiger King Honest Review | Invest or Scam | Find Out

Tigers are hunted by poachers to meet demand from the $20 billion a year illegal wildlife trade. They are mercilessly targeted for their body parts, including their skins, bones, teeth and other organs.

Every single tiger organ is sold on the black market today. Tiger parts are used for traditional medicines thought to cure ailments ranging from arthritis to epilepsy. Meanwhile skins and other parts are also used for décor, indicating status and wealth.

It’s our responsibility to act now, to raise awareness about the circumstances of the wild tiger. Together we can reduce demand for tiger skins, parts, and derivatives. There’s still time to save the world’s wild tigers, our goal is to put an end to the illegal poaching, & work towards reducing demand for tiger skins, bones, parts & derivatives.

Demand reduction is about wider public awareness, consumer behavior change, reform in policies, and strengthened law enforcement. While there have been great strides in diverse demand reduction campaigns for elephant ivory and rhino horn, an equivalent emphasis and level of investment in campaigns to reduce demand for tiger parts and products is urgently needed. With only 3,200 tigers left in the wild, time is running out to save the wild tiger – action is needed today.

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  1. Well worth the buy.. This community is constantly burning tokens and growing gradually. This is the year of the tiger!📈🐯🔥

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