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Be VERY CAUTIOUS of Bitcoin & Crypto | Aave & Cosmos Make MAJOR Moves | Terra Luna New Proposal

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Bitcoin retracement talk HEATS UP!! Cosmos finds a surprise HUGE MARKET PUMP, Terra is putting the community to a VOTE, Tether FINALLY discloses its RESERVES REPORT!!

0:00 Major Headlines
0:34 Introduction
1:20 Bitcoin Retracement Talk
2:19 Aave Launches Lens Protocol
2:58 Cosmos Pumps
3:22 Terra Community Votes
4:00 Avalanche On Standby for Terra
4:31 Harmony x PolyNetwork
4:54 XCAD Network Watch2Earn
5:16 Tether Finally Discloses Reserves Report


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  1. I am very cautious about these things these days, just as I was when researching Codyfight. Although I'm still hoping that I made the correct decision in devoting my extra time to this metaverse project.

  2. Cosmos Atom pumped due to previously announced Gnoland snapshot for Atom holders/stakers. Cosmos Hub is not a home for Terra. In Cosmos ecosystem everyone has got its own "home". Thats why Cosmos ecosystem is unique and thats why terra crash wont harm Cosmos! Dont throw Terra and Atom to one basket! You guys should do some more research if you want to create a useful content for crypto community!

  3. Altcoin Buzz, looks like loads of Scammers in the Comments sections! Please Pin 📍a Warning for the Newbies

  4. Natalie, i love your cautious look in the screen shot for this video, Lol….. 🥰

  5. Thanks.

    What is the $ETH hardfork called PULSECHAIN in May or June? Says it will give free copies of all ERC-20 and NFTs on Ethereuem in Pulsechain blockchain? Will this make all the ERC-20s drop by 50% like a stock split?

    Says a hard fork with Proof of Stake (POS). Is this true?

  6. The Cosmos pump came from the airdrop of GNO, the snapshot was today for ATOM holders. You're welcome.

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