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Beginner Solidity, Secondary Royalties to ERC721A for Looksrare & Rarible | Solidity #9 | Hope NLC

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Are you new to writing blockchain applications? Well, so are we! Come join us as we learn how to create smart contracts.

0:00 Introduction
1:16 Sources and Configuration Setup
12:27 Etherscan API and env File Setup
14:12 Modifying the ERC721A Contract
20:00 How to View Metadata
20:50 Rarible Repo for Royalty Implementation
21:00 Adding the Rarible Royalty Implementation to ERC721A Contract
41:20 Deploy the Smart Contract on the rinkeby network via truffle
48:43 Setting Royalties by Write Command on Etherscan
51:00 Confirmation of Royalties on Looksrare


Links for Video:
Hashlips repo –
Yarn Package –
Hardhat –
Rarible repo –
Nodjs –

If you have the same hardhat problem I had in the video, run this command in your folder: npm install –save-dev hardhat

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Royalty Standard:

An Example Royalty Implementation:

An Example Royalty Implementation from Scratch:

Example Deployed Smart Contract:

Royalty Splitting Tool:
This tool allows you to create a group address to split royalties.

Zero Beings Project:
Next 10 people to complete the survey get an airdrop! (23APR2022)



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  1. Sir, thank you so much for this video…but if you can help me .. I want to make a contract ERC721A with Secondary Royalties but on Opensea to make that ??

  2. Do I need to confirm separately for each NFT? Will royalties be valid on other networks as well? Such as, Avalanche. Also, thank you for the detailed information.

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