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The Financial Summit August 1-6:
—Prof. Explains Exactly What is Going On Back in 2015—
His Latest Thoughts:
MUST WATCH – Killing of the Mind – Please Get De-Brainwashed!
—Opinions on Issue from Former Military Personal–
Scott Ritter:
Douglas Macgregor:
Maj Gen:
—Greyzone Long Format Interviews—
Doug Macgregor:
Scott Ritter:
US Former Diplomat:
—Must Watch Reports from the Ground in Ukraine—
His New Channel:
—Ukraine/Russia Conflict Explained
Russia/China Relationship:
None Ukrainians Can’t Leave:
—Putin’s Speeches—
Putin’s Pre-Invasion Speech Feb 21, 2022:
Putin’s Post-Invasion Speech on NATO Feb 24, 2022:
—Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Ties—
2016 – Ukraine on Fire Documentary:
* Criticism of set Documentary:
2019 – Revealing Ukraine Documentary:
2021 – Ukraine: The Everlasting Present Documentary:
2018 – US is Arming Neo-Nazis in Ukraine:
Scott Horton:
Preview of Part III to Documentaries above:
—The Leviathan Gas Field ‘Rabbit Hole’—
Original NATO Agreement (1990):
Budapest Agreement to Keep Ukraine Nuclear Weapons Free (1994):
Bucharest Summit Announces Ukraine’s plans to Join NATO (2008):
Minsk Agreements:

For Momentum Reversal Indicator (MRI) See

GBTC w/ Tyler Jenks: Events — Bitcoin:
How to Use Bitcoin Tech:


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  1. Tone really study American history. We now know Reagan was the reason we’re in this mess w his phony economic policies. Trump would love
    To know what policies he did that make him a good president lol. He was the worst in history ever ever ever. He did nothing. My taxes went up. What did he do to make anyones lives better? He laughs at all of you.

  2. Biden has signs of dementia 😂😂😂😂😂😂 he’s sharper than most 30 year olds you should actually watch a news conference – he spits off the cuff. There’s no signs of dementia my good god that you believe that propaganda

  3. It’s laughable that you’re defending Russia. Who were they afraid of? No one was threatening them. And the fact that you get your news from RT explains your current view. Of course propaganda pretends to be objective in order to gain your trust.

  4. I didn’t grow up hating Russia. I watched what Putin did, and now I hate Putin, not Russia. So this isn’t true, but say it was, how did this even start this war?

  5. The one thing I agree with you with politically is that nato shouldn’t enact a no fly zone. That would be the start of a nuclear war.

  6. We don’t need to put nukes in ukraine. We have nukes that reach from anywhere.

  7. Fuck this channel. He just wants you to trade and risk your prescious crypto

  8. Tone Vays. I admire you work and honest views. Let me express my sincere gratitude for all the good your doing.

  9. Tone Vays. You have been inspiration for me man in so many ways! Thanks for speaking the truth about the world in these hypocritical times Sir! Respect. Long Live Tone VAys!

  10. Love your TA. Respectfully I must disagree with your assessment of the Ruble. It looks like it is topping out and about to take a major decline.

  11. Zelenski has THREE passports, Tone. Ukraine, some other country I forget, and Israel. The successful legal argument was that the law against dual citizenship did not ban TriCitizenship, lol. I am not even joking. Komisnsky, zelensk’s billionaire patron, is similar.

  12. Volatility in currencies due to war is not any sign of Russia being global reserve currency lol.. take it easy Tone

  13. The deep state needs a boogie man to justify the military industrial complex. That’s what the Russian hate is about.

  14. 'If someone understands an explanation is not necessary, however if someone does not understand an explanation is impossible'

  15. Thanks Tone
    Ignore the vocal hating minority
    You have a large silent follower base that appreciates your info

  16. Tone stop paying attention to haters there’s hundreds of people who find your analysis interesting and helpful that’s why you keep getting views

  17. Tone, screw the haters. Keep giving the 'off topic' comments along the technical analysis.

  18. We apprwciate your views Tone a lot! You are too honest nad too nice. Most people dont think the tight way. But you do. Thanks a lot

  19. We apprwciate your views Tone a lot! You are too honest nad too nice. Most people dont think the tight way. But you do. Thanks a lot

  20. Russia needs to be denuclearized and same with all authoritarian regimes. Government should be for the peoples benefit and I can't see the people voting on a nuclear solution. If there is a greater conflict it will be Russias fault don't bow down to the aggressor.

  21. Hey Tone thanks 4 everything..not always your opinion, but doesn’t matter, everybody has to think for his own, and as long as this opinion is solid, based on critical thinking and more as some copy past, prechewed, bs…it’s worth an discussion, not an flat sissyfight on who is right and who is wrong.. „in reality everything is grey“

    Most important: it’s easy to get the impression that the majority are haters…they are just louder 😉
    I think you American say: the empty can rattles the most!!

    Keep it up, your working appreciated by a lot of people.

  22. This is a really good video to keep you really informed on how your stocks are going that's if you've got any, but from the way things are progressing I still think we'd make more profits investing in crypto currency

  23. Ronald 🤦🏻‍♂️Just say No to Drugs while they were putting crack on the streets themselves to fund a war!!! I agree with almost all your views lol Keep up the good work bud 💪🏻

  24. Ukraine regime should have implemented ‘the Minsk agreement’ which they signed up to. Why didn’t they?

  25. Given the number of bots on Twitter and YouTube I think the "haters" might be leftists who are paid to antagonize and demoralize anyone who isn't goose stepping along with the WEF. They may not be here for the charts either, just saying whatever they can do demoralize. There is historical precedent for this.

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