Crypto Price Prediction

Bitcoin Space is About to BLOW UP 100X – Michael Saylor’s UPDATED Bitcoin Price Prediction

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CREDITS: The Bull Case for Bitcoin

0:00 – Intro 
0:13 – What makes Michael Saylor so confident about Bitcoin? 
2:51 – What is the ultimate solution to 7.8 billion people’s problem?
4:21 – What are the key risks to Bitcoin on the regulatory front?
6:20 – How certain is Michael Saylor that Bitcoin’s supply cap is unchangeable and impenetrable? 
7:53 – Will Michael Saylor sell his Bitcoin?

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  1. Proof of Work / PoW doesn't work ! .. The E.U. & U.K. are banning PoW .. The U.S. will also ban PoW .. Deal with it .. PoW is going away as it is not a green currency ..

  2. Thank you Michael for purchasing bitcoin and HODL’ing it. It’s time for the rest of American’s to do their part!

  3. Unfortunately many people hold Ethereum and Bitcoin and have absolutely no idea about why it has real value.

  4. Bitcoin & Ethereum both are PoW systems currently .. The E.U. & U.K. have said they are going to ban PoW tokens .. How long do you think it will be before the U.S. Bans PoW tokens .. NOT LONG .. If you listen to BITCOIN MAXIS YOU WILL DISCOVER NOT ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT THE BANNING OF PoW TOKENS .. WHY ? ..

  5. Saylor is a Bitcoin whale and he is involved in the manipulation of Bitcoin. Wall St. wants to trade assets in rigged markets. Wall St. does NOT HODL. Wall St. trades. They never lose. JP Morgan has NEVER had a losing trade in silver futures! How do you do that unless the market is rigged?

  6. I don't know…..I think too much controversy on this coin now…..govt threatening mining …..don't know if they are just trying to manipulate…or they are serious……but the costs to mine and use coin are very high…..I would not invest in Bitcoin until it migrates to prove of Stake…..even then…I think Ripple XRP will fare better with it's real Utility

  7. Bitcoin is going to blow up. With huge cash flow from institutions coming into bitcoin, it is going to massive. Platforms like UnidoEP are there to onboard these institutions.

  8. Here's the problem. Most crypto investors are investors. They aren't smart enough to treat bitcoin like currency. That's its only chance for survival. Th transactions are already being regulated under the same consumer laws that protect stockholders. The less it's used for purchasing goods, the more screwed you all are. Best wishes. My money's on western governments.

  9. Ill bet the lives of everyone in the comments that btc trades below 55k until at least this time next year.

  10. Bitcoin to a million, bitcoin will blow up 100x, bitcoin is not a digital monetary system its connected to the dollar without the dollar its worth nothing, Something of value don't loose 40% of its value in just a week. It dropped from its highest ever $60k range back into the 30k range. That's not what the best thing ever do, its what the most worthless thing do.

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