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Bitcoin Struggles for 2 More Years | Terra Luna Story Develops | Alchemy Pay & Binance Major News

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Bitcoin hodlers need to wait TWO MORE YEARS?? Binance Middle East Operations NEARLY READY… Terra 2.0 is TAKING SHAPE… Coinbase cracks FORTUNE 500!!

0:00 Major Headlines
0:36 Introduction
1:20 Bitcoin May Need to Wait Two Years
2:05 Terra 2.0
3:10 Binance Middle East Launch Date
3:39 Alchemy Pay x Binance Pay
4:03 THORWallet WebApp Beta Launch
4:31 Coinbase First Fortune 500 Crypto Company
5:09 Tron Targets Terra Developers with Incentive Fund
5:31 Bloktopia Genesis NFT Land Sale

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  1. The recession won't even be official until mid to late 2023, BTC is about to capitulate, and 2 years may, unfortunately, be accurate.

  2. 5G Technology

    Nitro's Private Communication Network (PCN) uses 5G/LoRaWAN/IoT/WiFi capabilities. The PCN opens up opportunities for all participants to own, operate and earn from the network.

  3. I like her confidence in that prediction! No matter how rubbish the claim, be confident while reading from the teleprompter.

  4. At least there is going to be Pulsechain to earn on while we wait for BTC to hit $100k

  5. How is predicting the price of bitcoin for the next 2 years even possible? Also how does it constitute news?

  6. I'm not an "analyst," nor an "expert." However, I don't see Bitcoin struggling for two more years. I expect Bitcoin, gold and silver to takeoff within months, not years.

    We keep hearing about how strong the USD is, and that's true. The USD is strong…..when compared to other fiat currencies. They are ALL being destroyed, however!

    It's always, not occasionally, not sometimes, but ALWAYS the same story with fiat currencies, i.e., they work okay…..for a while, but then after they're debased away enough people no longer have confidence in them, and it's game over. The 'Con Game' no longer has the CONfidence of the masses.

    The USD lasted so long because at one time the US was very trusted, had a strong manufacturing base, a strong economy, a very powerful military and lots of gold. None of that, at least most of it, isn't true anymore. (The gold thing is debatable, and the military is strong, but losing ground, relatively speaking)

  7. If you take a long-term approach to your BTC investing 2 yrs won't matter…accumulate while it's still churning < $35-$40k

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