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  1. James, thank you for everything you do! (+the team)! ❤️ After finding your channel a few months ago, I (as we all certainly do) truly respect your vast experience in financials, intelligence, trustworthy, empathy, and the way you take care of your community (mindblowing)! The knowledge you share with us has made me view successful investing/trading from a different perspective. You also have an incredible ability to create such a pleasant, inspirational, and still calming atmosphere in these bumpy times. I feel safe here! (Although after yesterday´s video I´m no longer so sure… 🤣!). Luckily, I just got into your Patreon! Happy 😊 Much love from Europe! ❤️❤️

  2. Love your channel, James, but I predict that NOAA’s 2050 sea level prediction will be wrong just like every other climate change prediction before it.

  3. good topics but hard to follow as talking words swallow and voice diminished at the end scentence plus voice hard to hear! but thanks for the hard works.

  4. NOAA climate catastrophe predictions are about as accurate as government inflation statistics.

  5. Have you elaborated on what you feel will constitute the “reset”? Central banks going bye bye etc? Or something different?

  6. Thank you – great as always! Would love your views on the future of VXV – as we say in the UK, it seems to be like Marmite (a Vegimite type spread) – you either love it or hate it! Fans enthuse about info on conference calls and partnerships, but barely rallied since tumble from ATH in September. Keep up the great work! 👍😁👏🇬🇧

  7. Hi I'm James.
    I trade (buy and sell) Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bnb at good rate and at any price 👍.

  8. Can u explain MSTR game plan to pay off there debt and interest only loans so are they planing on selling some btc in a few years to pay that down or what do u think so can we expect them to sell off maybe 10 percent of there “bag” in about three years to clear some debt and what companies are true holders maybe hut8

  9. The rise in sea levels are BULLSHIT. They've been saying that since the 80's, yet the RICH continue to buy beachfront.

  10. Great show James wow! So much good info. Any targets for a potential SOL pullback?

  11. What does everyone think about Alchemy Pay?
    Morning brew just did an interview on the founders.

  12. i hope u dont believe all those climate nonsence its a scam, the eath is not heating up

  13. I agree with all the comments on how Amazing your show is James. You are a gem 💎 and are helping so many of us!
    I love your channel, CTO LARSSON,, crypto banter and Paul Barron Network/Tech Path are my daily consumption. I watch EVERYTHING these channels create.
    I’m interested in your take on HBAR. I know it isn’t blockchain and some of crypto community like to hate on it. But, it seems to very secure, has strong partnerships, and seems to be very undervalued. Seems to be a good investment. And I’m in Dallas where the founder is from
    The rumor is also USA discussing CBDC with HEDERA (they have India in their bag), and many financial institutions are partnered or looking to partner with them. We all hate CBDC but it is inevitable.
    I think it’s a sleeping giant 💰🚀🌖

  14. We love you James, all the other channels on crypto look poor after hearing you

  15. If you were above your cost basis on BTC ETH and SOL, would you take profits at any point and look for a dip? 20%? 40%? Tax considerations? Or just keep holding?

  16. Everything about Tesla is crazy! The battery life, the tail lights, the interior etc. Tesla stocks is the best of them all! I have always hoped to invest in Tesla stocks one day but the thought of doing so without enough knowledge of the stocks market makes the whole thing less attractive to me. One cannot afford to lose any money in this pandemic era

  17. James absolutely amazing content must start sharing you channel in Ireland 🇮🇪

  18. ?QUESTION? What is your impression of Richard Heart & HEX. I’ve been doing a shallow dive based on a colleague’s recommendation. Any opinion appreciated.

  19. James what are your thoughts on using covered calls and other options to generate a little bit of money? Been looking into it, but would love to hear your strategy when playing with options.

  20. appreciate sharing your thoughtful insight. I discovered you after that amazing video with CTO LARSSON. Thank you!

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