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Bitcoin vs Monero Debate – FULL ANALYSIS | Feat. Rafael LaVerde & Tone Vays | & Private Superchats

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To skip to debate go to 0:06:20. First we run through some private superchats from the Monero Bros. Then we dig into the battle between Crypto Vigilante’s Rafael LaVerde (Monero) and Tone Vays (Bitcoin). We analyze the arguments made on many levels and provide a thorough perspective of comments made by both debaters. Enjoy.

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Intro & Private Superchats: 0:00:00
Debate Opening – Establishing Context: 0:06:20
Initial Arguments – Bitcoin’s Theory vs Practice Problem: 0:14:15
Store of Value Comments: 0:22:10
Rafael As The Underdog vs The Bitcoin Cult: 0:26:30
Debate Continues – Comments on Marketing: 0:32:30
Vays Begins Taking Major L’s – Comments on Supply Auditability: 0:41:45
Vays Argues Bitcoin’s Case For Privacy & Fungibility: 0:52:15
Vays Argues For Political Solutions: 1:11:45
Monero, Bitcoin, Freedom, Tyranny & Christianity: 1:18:00

This is NOT Financial Advice – I am NOT a financial professional.

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  1. I follow Tone singe 2017, daily, but sometimes he is too "conservative", top much maximalist.
    But it's good to know his opinion about Monero.
    Ralf. 🇩🇪

  2. I would have loved to see this debate straight without comments and your analysis of their body positions.

  3. Hey bro, just came accross your content, really love your analsys from an anarchist perspective. Howewer, I think you're missing the marks on some fundamentals concepts, i.e thinking that christian ideaology is in line with anarchist philosophy. Slavery, genocide, child murder, human all part of Christian holy bible, not exactly part of a free loving society. As much as moderns Christians want to dissasociate from it, they don't view morality as objective, still all very subjective, no accountability, just a prayer and everything's fine. I can't recommend enough to every freedom activist to learn the fundamentals with the work that Mark Passio has put out, hope you check it out and thanks for your good work!

  4. Well it’s 10:56PM and I’m listening to you, so there. Lol. Thx for the info.

  5. I don't think govs and people will become libertarians because they want to.
    They will use libertarian tools because it's more profitable.
    They won't even notice it.

  6. If you ever want to get your security game up just message me, I'll hop on a call & I'll give you a full masterclass on improving your security. I can make it easy to implement like my XMR mining tutorial I did a while back.

  7. Hi Matteo – regarding XMR not being a store of value in your opinion. Doesn’t it kinda need to be seen as a store of value for it to go up to the super mega heights we expect it to?

  8. Lineage on your phone, degoogle!
    Make a bootable usb with puppylinux. It loads in the RAM and is super fast and small. You don't have to remove or install anything on your computer.

  9. Monero's community is growing.
    I can feel it..
    A lot more people talking about monero..
    My friends and family doesn't even want BTC anymore…

  10. I like your spiritual views really Matteo 👌That said, let me have a comment on this entire debate. The elite globalists are the real marketeers and pushesr of Bitcoin adoption, and it's not going anywhere. World governments trade transparently because if I am moving weapons to a country it doesn't matter how they paid for it, it's very clear they're receiving weapons. But Monero is also going to used by the elite globalists to overthrow regimes in other countries, or empower merceanaries just as they did in the past but without getting caught. So in contrary to what most of you think here, the powerful governments have a use case for Monero and the price will at one point rise a lot. I even suspect that the XMR boost the couple of days before was due to Ukraine supporters converting their BTC to XMR (buying a lot of them) which increased the price. Which brings the question why wouldn't the United States want XMR to be listed in their exchanges? Simple, I want to overthrow non-abiding regimes in other countries but I don't want any flow of power (money) to be hidden from my own surveillance in my own country, because the same could happen to me.

  11. God bless you, brother! I'm happy I found your content. We need more Christ centered people to fight the good fight, in all aspects, from the inside out. Regarding your next Linux distribution, I highly recommend Zorin OS Core. It is based on Ubuntu, which is based on Debian, which has it's focus on stability. Zorin OS is extremely user friendly, astonishingly well designed, has advanced driver support. You get all the best from the Linux world, but with a Windows-like feel. I'm happy to use it, no joke. I'm not sure why not more people know about it… God bless.

  12. If you're a Bitcoin maximalist, I think that's okay as long as you are honest about Bitcoin and its limitations. For them to say it is the "only" asset government can't seize, they clearly didn't pay attention to the trucker thing in Canada. When people point out that Bitcoin can be tracked, they spin that as a positive thing because it makes it so government can go after the criminals.

  13. we need both !

    => monero for freedom of people & natural businesses

    => bitcoin to organize society & end corruption of those paid to work for collectivity (they'd have to accept not using monero to accept collective job) & bitcoin for all companies that deal with oil & chemicals

    monero is for now to face the war against banksters, bitcoin when we have the strength to organize collective sovereignty

  14. Bitcoin cannot go to zero unless every other coin crashes including Monero, so I wouldn't wish that!

  15. I'm totally in the same realm as you are…I focus more on the overall macro and philosophical and cultural aspects. I do try my best with the tech, but it's not my strong suit.

  16. Use Windows for anything related to productivity and Linux Mint with encrypted hard drive for your wallets. Best of both worlds.

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