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Block Ape Scissors – the most innovative Play to Earn ecosystem, built on Binance Smart Chain. Incorporating Gaming, NFTs and DeFi together into exciting, diverse and rewarding opportunities.
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  1. What I take away are invest now in the short term gains and transfer into the longer term gains.

  2. Beauty vid as always, I’ve wanted to invest in btc , I think this video put me over the edge.

  3. Loving these short but straight to the point videos all the way from New Zealand 🙂

  4. It is clear that Black Ape Scissors is undervalued for its potential. Few people understand this

  5. Take my money Black Ape Scissors ! Don’t forget to give me more in return LOL HODL

  6. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  7. Yes keep em comin. Whether they are 3 min or 3hrs. Knowledge is power and I personally like the knowledge you drop

  8. Enchanting lady, a great delivery of fantastic succinct info. Much appreciated.

  9. The devs put in a lot of thought for Black Ape Scissors . Excited to see where it goes from here

  10. Don’t own any yet but glad to see the crypto market grow and offer more than btc and eth

  11. Thanks for the videos Mia but could you do a video on what wallet I should be using?

  12. I’ve made great earnings off of Altcoins. Always happy to be discovering more!

  13. I love the daily wrap-up. All the info I want, no time to watch hours of videos…. Thank you, CC

  14. Mia you should consider getting an iPhone app I’m sure you’d be able to get a lot of people onto it

  15. Not sure this one's for me. But keep the videos coming! There’s no doubt I benefit greatly from your videos!

  16. More on Black Ape Scissors please!!! Love it and want a deeper walk-through

  17. I’m not going to lie, project reviews get boring to watch but somehow you always keep me glued to the screen!

  18. Mia I’ve been watching many of your videos and I took your advice. I didn’t rush into a project, I looked around for the one suited for me and I think I finally found it! I love what it’s all about.

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