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Bloody Nose for the STA over Debt Markets Turn – What it means for you!

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  1. Love your work and the charts never lie. Did I miss something. No idea what it means for me. Regarding my property btc or good and silver and mining energy INVESTMENTS. What my assumtion is if interest rate go up we get the bubbles popping. If the fed reverses we get a melt up. So we have 6 mnths to a year to sit back and see which way it goes.

  2. re: “academics and retailers”… you may have misspelled Slow Learners 😃

  3. The cycle isn't over yet. Look around.. The sky isn't falling. Just time for the farmer to harvest the latest crop!

  4. I know that if the yield goes down the value ges up but can sme explain to me why? Like I'm 5 and have downs. Cause I really don't understand, and I've had it explained several times. Anyone?

  5. Long dated Bonds, TLT, go up, no have to go up when liquidity dries up. There is no economy able to pay whatever higher yields, if you want to put your cash in a safe place there is no other place to go, its one of the rare opportunities for a 100% sure trade, even more if so many bet against it.

  6. Francis is a fucking G. His 360 TA is what makes him on balance of probability more right than wrong. And making comparisons to other you-tubers is like comparing chalk and cheese. He’s outlook from a 360 point of analysis is far superior. Always worth paying stern attention to this valuable free content he puts out.

  7. The funny thing FED forced to hike by politics AND in the same time still pumping the market buying bonds to form the curve, prevent inverting and tech stonks etc. to keep their tesla bubble and booming economy story up. changing CPI measuring may also help, then sell more stimmies to old joe tucker?

  8. It seems Biden and politicians want the FEd to hike against inflation, fat presidents will put on their insider trades again (friday) and then could panic hike a bit (weekend), after making market believe they wont do so for last days… On Monday they cash in millions for free insider trades? – they have best method no funnel just boom within a week or 2-3 days.

  9. Don't worry Francis, we're all pestered by these annoying online twats nowadays.

  10. Go on Francis you let them have it!!! Give them one from me to!! Academia? Look at how decorated Paul Krugman is, now he admits he was wrong about inflation, and why? Because he followed his stinking models that he got decorated for… Then people say at at least he can admit he’s wrong. Jeez his models have increased the poverty globally. Will he still keep his Nobel prize, of course cos he’s made the rich people richer. That’s my rant done…. Great day for all.

  11. Seriously, can at least try to make some effort to be more concise?
    "Debt Markets Turn" – What it means?
    Well absolutely no idea

  12. Thanks sniper! Always look forward to your advice. Never heard of STA until you mentioned them.

  13. And this is why I listen to francis religiously every video for past 2 years

  14. The charts are under my bed, under the filthy magazines & packets of chocolate biscuits 😋

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