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Blooket Safari Box Opening! Will I get a Chroma?

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Blooket Safari Box Opening! Will I get a CHROMA?
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  1. i have every single blook except the lucky frog cuz uk i got suspended and the whole blizzard box and the halloween box and lastly the rainbow panda cuz i started 1-3months ago

  2. people are thinking like me the left right down or up corner or whatever is the place ur most likely to get and if u got the another blook means u got the above it and if u put on the above it ur most likely going to get the down or the idk how to explain thwe beside but down ik a lot of most likely ways to get a legendary chroma or uncommon

  3. Math I subbed to math and I got a king king of hearts astronaut baby shark and mega bot

  4. Can I ask you how to get better saving tokens I would like to get alot to roll but it’s hard

  5. make your speed faster and also the first box I opened was the rainbow panda

  6. i found i faster way to open boxes you have two pcs and you open boxes on both at the same time it works and i am doing it right now

  7. They really should do a DISNEY BOX like oh yeah and mickey is a legendary like yes sirrrrrrrrrr

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