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In this video I take a look at the recent announcement from Neoxa showcasing that they were double spent attacked sucks for new upcoming projects to have to go threw this.

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  1. I was thinking about throwing sum hash at it but … with only one rig mixed 4gb/8gb cards its hard for me to fully devote it to something new like that … right now ergo/eth on my few cards

  2. This sucks big time i mined for a few weeks. I did find it stupid that the miners piled into one pool with more than 50% of the hashrate stupid.
    I mined on rpool i guess we will have to see what happens.

    I was also wondering about nicehash like when a coin becomes profitable that same day the total hashrate mining that coin goes through the roof like its automated to change over.

    I guess ill keep gaming for now.

  3. I guess someone wanted to get their moneys worth out of the project after they fumbled minecraft so badly.

  4. ETH + KASPA become real with lolminer! 33% profits! But 3070 eats like 200 watts… I would not use nicehash, not only it's the bad guy when it comes to attacks, but it also doesn;t dual mine – less profits…

  5. Already saw that coming, it was planned. They used the youtubers to keep the price pumped up!

  6. I have been buying and accumulating NEOXA for last 8 days and this happened to me
    07/26/22 8:18:06 am BUY ▲ 0.00000400 0.08746755 21866.88870246

    07/26/22 8:08:01 am BUY ▲ 0.00000400 1.90853244 477133.11129754

    07/26/22 8:08:01 am BUY ▲ 0.00000400 1.99600000 499000.00000000

    07/26/22 8:07:54 am BUY ▲ 0.00000600 1.49700000 249500.00000000

    07/26/22 8:07:54 am BUY ▲ 0.00000802 1.34886184 168187.26185287

    07/26/22 8:06:44 am BUY ▲ 0.00000800 0.32323886 40404.85829960

    07/26/22 8:05:45 am BUY ▲ 0.00000800 1.67276113 209095.14170040

    07/26/22 8:05:45 am BUY ▲ 0.00000988 1.99600000 202024.29149798

    Its looks like I bought the orginal coins before attack
    Neoxa Explorer hacker adress:

  7. STILL HODL my 3,5M neoxa and mining. ( missing balance on Tradegore my mined 97000 NEOX ) but still belive in project!

  8. I dont see how you can bounce around when most pools have thresholds you have to meet before you can get a payout. The coin could become unprofitable by the time you reach the payout limit if you dont have enough hashrate on it. Not to mention everytime i switch a coin i have to damn near rebuild all my rigs becuase they become very unstable. Im guessing youre just gonna have to mine and deal with it cause like you said, we not gonna be able to just sit on one coin anymore.

  9. I'll hodl what I have mined for now but I cant risk anymore time on this project! We are in a Bearmarket each decision must be made wisely (Flux, RVN, Ergo)! Just to name a few of the more trusted mining projects

  10. this is not nice hash fault, but rather a shitcoin doesn't have much hashrate behind it in the first p

  11. First Minecraft ditched them and now 51% attack, definitely a very bad week for NEOXA 😢
    The morale of the story is, stay away from the gaming-industry and miners, always perform your only one job, decentralizing the network hash-rate 🙁

  12. I'm at around 30k Neoxa
    Been for a week now. Thinking mining it til they bring out a better wallet than PC wallet

  13. A network of hash power ran by ex cons, sure nothing to worry about all ok. Not like they could get hacked and lose funds 🤦‍♂️. Wake up people.

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