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Build A Web3 Domain Name Service With Vue.js, Solidity and Hardhat!

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In this video we will build a domain name service using Web3 with Vue.js and Solidity! Let’s see if we can do it! #web3 #vuejs

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0:00 introduction
0:43 Demo
2:23 Setup Hardhat and Apps
06:19 Metamask and Alchemy
11:16 Setting up hardhat and contract
28:43 Setting Up Vue and testing



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  1. How do I connect this domain to stuff ? Like a website or a wallet address?

  2. To deploy it to mainnet all we need to do is to make a project on polygon mainnet in alchemy and change the url and key by copying it from mainnet project from alchemy, correct ? That's all right ?

  3. the smart contract explanation part of this video was really disappointing. the most interesting aspect of this tutorial, and it's just an afterthought and briefly discussed.

  4. Awesome tutorial, is there a way we can add login with wallet and the users with that wallet can see domains they have bought?

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