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Welcome to Buy MMF (mad meerkat finance) via app and Metamask on mobile | SVN, MSHARE, MAD, METF, For all things Robbie Oz head to
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This is regarding #MAD and it is mad important so please focus and pay maximum attention. Do also grab another seatbelt or better yet sign up for a seatbelt subscription plan.
All along, our original $MAD plan was a fair launch where it will be a first come first serve procedure on MMF when we form liquidity. However, after taking stock of recent events, we feel that this course of action will be potentially problematic. Here’s why.
Even with the original plan of TreeHouse, hype for $MAD was real.
Now with the mad evolution of $MAD, where MMA AND $MMG are new chapters of our adventure, we expect $MAD’s interest to be unprecedented.
Moreover, we have also been made aware of the possibility of botting from the MMT mint.
More importantly, the MMT mint taught us that yes, we are able to heavily congest the cronos chain.
Therefore, if we go with the original plan, we might have bots trying to snipe the initial liquidity and coupled with the possibility of cronos chain congesting, it means that the bots have a higher probability of sniping a larger proportion of $MAD.
Lastly, our team has reduced the amount of $MAD tokens that are allocated to ourselves (by 50%) so as to ensure that token distribution is more fair — More to the community!
As such, to ensure fairer token distribution to the ones that really believe in $MAD, the $MAD token launchpad will be launched via the MM Finance Madbox — because what better way to kickstart our $MAD journey other than to embrace the madness? All along we created Mad Box as a platform to grow potential projects with innovation and nothing has changed in our belief in our work. Therefore, let’s put the money where our mouth is and kickstart $MAD in the Madbox.
Total supply — 15,000,000
MMT staking — 5,000,000
Play 2 earn — 4,000,000
$MAD staking — 4,000,000
Initial liquidity — 1,000,000 (old) 500,000 (new)
Devs — 1,000,000 (old) 500,000 (new)
Launchpad — 1,000,000 (new)
🚀 Launchpad Format
The launchpad raise will be done in pure SVN tokens (a new launchpad format), time to load up some SVN now! — Read more about this new format here:…
Sale Details
$MAD sale will take place at MM Finance and will last for 8 hours, and you will need $SVN to participate.
Sales Page:
Start: 30th March, 2:00am UTC
End: 30th March, 10:00am UTC
Token Price: $0.50
Number of Tokens For Sale: 1,000,000
Hardcap/Funds to raise: $500,000
Duration: 8 hours
Method : Overflow
In the “Overflow” method, users can subscribe as much or as little as they want to the launchpad, and their final allocation will be based on the amount of funds they put in as a percentage of all funds put in by other users at the time the sale ends.
The excess funds committed will be refunded back to the users after the sale. They will be able to claim both their new tokens and unused tokens after the sale has ended.
Launchpad Proceeds Allocation
50% of SVN raised will be used to form liquidity with MAD
50% of SVN raised will be burnt
1. Before Sale
Buy $SVN Token
2. During the Sale
Commit your SVN tokens to get $MAD tokens on
You can lock your tokens at any time during the subscription period, even within the final 30 minutes, if you are worried about not having access to your tokens after it is committed.
3. After Sale
Claim your $MAD tokens
If there is an oversubscription, your SVN tokens will be refunded back to you.
Post Launch Farm on MM.Finance
Stake $MAD-$MMF LP ➡ Earn $MMF

Thanks fro watching buy mmf mad meerkat finance via app and metamask on mobile svn mshare mad metf


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  1. Thank you man! I can’t seem to unstake METF; keeps saying WRONG NETWORK? Thoughs? Thanks.

  2. Hello robbie oz & katy and have you thought about live streaming on twitch and starting your own podcast and starting your own discord account and starting your own patreon account in the future / have you thought about live caming on adult website and shooting adult movie in la for adult company in the future

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