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  1. Always amazing that people talk about the history and mathematical and promote speculation. Not even mentioning the application and adoption of the protocol which drives future and investment values. 😵‍💫

  2. People only post after the coin has pumped 🤦🏻‍♂️ I’m yet to find a call before the hike….thanks either way

  3. I will forever appreciate this channel, you've helped my family alot, your videos, advice, lessons and funny words are inspirational and helpful to us. My husband and I have been able to be minimal, conscious in spending, saving and investing wisely, I now earn every week. You're such a blessing to this generation. we all love you

  4. I actually sold 60% of my crypto and put it in waves this morning.. At 47… Do you think it's good move?.. Now it's getting a dip.. Will fall down again or will go up.. What do you think?

  5. When it comes to the world of investing ,most people don't know where to start, fortunately,great us investors of the past and present can provide us with guadiance

  6. Dont try to short this coin – it seems that whales are in full control and they liquidate anyone until they short themselves and dump this absolute shitcoin into the abyss. Just watch the chart history. This shit going back to 10 dollars, the question is WHEN.

  7. What a gem of an analysis, great work, thanks so much for all your top notch effort!!! Been hodling this since 2017 and swapped exactly for ETH @ 48 cause this just seems too of a roller coaster by now…looking forward to another 70 pct. loss vs. ETH to feel even better :). Cheers!

  8. Now I wanna try to implement such script in python and test it on binance. Can you do same video on NSBT, it seems quite promising with its stable coin USDN reaching top-100

  9. Excellent analysis. This WAVES wave was getting too big for me at $45, so I slid off. Congrats to anyone still riding it, as it’s still climbing to $48 right now. I might pick some up again under $40 if given the opportunity.

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