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Can it get any worse for Stocks?

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  1. Don't let people get under your skin. Listening to all the trolls is not the reason your successful. Misery loves company. I think this bearish market we are in is great. It's my time to catch up and buy as low as I can. I started in the hieght of the crypto market Last may. In the next few years when the market returns I expect to be in a good position and owe alot of my success to you. Thank you. I'll continue watching because you know your stuff

  2. Yes, it can and it will. The broader stock market will drop 30% and hit a bottom mid 2022.

  3. Looking for a partly income? This shit actually helped me I was about to lose my home and this system save me.☝️

  4. Looking for a partly income? This shit actually helped me I was about to lose my home and this system save me ☝️

  5. The stock market holds several benefits and detriments so it’s advisable for investors to be very cautious when making investment decisions otherwise use an investment advisor which i did. You should understand the basics of investing and do your research to acquire the most profitable assets for passive income. i was able to make a million from having a diverse portfolio..

  6. Why does anyone even talk about cathie woods anymore? If she was that good her portfolio wouldn’t tips up 45% loss over the last 13 months

  7. It fascinates how investors pull through this in the investments space When stocks n coin at a time Inflate and deflate without notice, for me I would have had a heart attack

  8. Mrs Clarissa is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

  9. You are a very important in the community of crypto market’s a lot of people are saying good things about you at helping people, I know now you are good by the 0.3btc you put in my wallet, I respect you God will help you too in your life and all your family ❤️

  10. It's a shame that The so called deadly covid If isn't wiping out all the greasy politicians they are manipulating the market. If we got rid of the government we wouldn't have the issues that we have and Anybody that would like to be a politician I think that they need to be working for free is to be working for free under constant scrutiny and Fear for their lives. Truth be told that's the only way to have a honest government that isn't dysfunctional as fuck.

  11. lol IT MOST CERTAINLY WILL GET MUCH MUCH WORSE. If you are still in debt, you are screwed. If you don't have a 12 emergency fund in cash, you are screwed. Unicorns are not real young grasshoppers. We are about to witness the biggest deleveraging in history and as a bonus, during a horrific inflationary period with no end in sight. "transitory" huh? buahahahaha. Most of you are about to learn the hardways, tulips go rotten really fast. "Aaaaaaand it's gone!" – South Park

  12. Well, Iiquidated 1/2 of my BIG growth stocks and went to Financials and banks and my 30, 35, different assets have gone ALL green and growing fast. I will be keeping my ear to the rail, to ensure I am able to move things if needed. Actually, all green now

  13. its incredible that so many people listen to this garbage. Then again it is programs like this that keep people stupid and paying for my townhouses. Keep it coming!!!

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