Can The Government Block Your Bitcoin Wallet

Can The Government Block Your Bitcoin Wallet?

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In this video, I discuss whether the government can block your Bitcoin wallet.

Although governments can flag certain Bitcoin addresses and force crypto exchanges to confiscate any Bitcoin received from those flagged Bitcoin addresses, governments cannot stop the peer-to-peer transfer of Bitcoin. Bitcoin remains permission-less and censorship-resistant.

The government and chain surveillance firms can still track the movement of this flagged Bitcoin.

To make their job harder, always use a fresh address to receive Bitcoin, and consider CoinJoining your Bitcoin as well. CoinJoin can give your Bitcoin a “fresh start” and sever it from its deterministic history.

Also learn how to withdraw your Bitcoin from the exchanges and hold it on a hardware wallet, where you control your own private keys.

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Kill switches coming to new US cars:

How to Buy and Store Bitcoin (The Right Way):

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When the US gov confiscated all the gold:

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  2. is a hardware wallet better than a wallet app?

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  8. Hello Matthew, I've binged countless of your videos – excellent content thank you. If you send multiple UTXO's that have been Whirlpool mixed several times from Sparrow, for example, straight to a cold storage wallet (individually, directly from the mix) that's been used with non-KYC BTC only (no ID links), is it safe to merge and spend those cold-stored anonymized UTXO's together in a transaction from that cold storage wallet afterward?

    Appreciate your wonderful videos… helped make me into a pure bitcoiner

  9. Τηρεσιας Προφητης

    i somehow think you are dreaming in technicolor .. today Biden passed a bill preventing any US citizen anywhere on the planet from investing in Russian assets or transact with Russian anything. Weather you agree with the war or not the point here is that the government has just told you what your political views must be and how you will transact your business. Same thing with the wallet. They will not just flag your address but make it illegal for any other wallet to transacti with you on penalty of ..whatever

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  11. Another question, how do we acquire BitCoin when the price is so high?

  12. Thank u for this info! Is BitCoin thr only crypto this is true for? Can they block all others?

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  14. Anything they put on a car can be removed.

  15. Srsly how many of us compared to the government? Burn them, shoot them destroy any government official. We have the numbers to overthrow these elitist bastards

  16. The government will not steal your money, unless you are a crook. The government cannot take your gold unless you give it to them. The government will turn off your car if you are running from the law. The government will not turn to a fed coin overnight. A fed coin will happen, but it will take years, and a seamless slow change. We are already using a digital $ in the form of a credit card. Don’t let these yo yos scare you against a future that will happen anyway. They are make money selling you products.

  17. How do you feel about Ledger hardware wallets?

  18. Economics Analyzed

    Good video, very informative. I learned something. Which I can't say for like 90% of YouTube videos like this.

  19. TheManFromAuntie

    Time to buy a safe, people.

  20. I knew it. When Prime Minister Trudeau froze the truckers cryptocurrency assets I immediately knew the truckers had their crypto on Coinbase, Binance or any other open source wallet that is tied to their social security number. Hold ALL cryptocurrency on a hardware wallet. Period!!!

  21. It's easy to get around a banned address on an exchange. Just send the BTC to a new address and then send it to the exchange…

  22. The us government can't do that it's illegal


  24. Sounds like an electronic version of Joe Biden's money laundering schemes. LOL

  25. YouTube WantsToSilenceMe

    Matthew, I have been trying to learn about running a Lightning Node and it seems that I would "store" my Bitcoin on it. These hardware wallets, the Trezor in particular seems to rely on a Trezor app. It seems better to me to have a sheet of paper with my passphrase, make multiple copies, and store them in multiple trusted physical safes. I have a safe at my house and so do my parents. What do you think?