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  1. i ordered a bobcat 300 3 weeks before the HIP 51 vote happened. bobcat doesn't allow cancelations, all sales where final. i was BEYOND pissed. i have it up and running now. likely to NEVER pay itselff off. hell my RAK i got back in JAN hasn't payed for itself due to the fact the price is crashing harder than i can mine it.

  2. So MNTD just released a mass notification and here's an excerpt "MNTD. is currently working on acquiring certification, which will make us one of the first manufacturers to allow you to upgrade your existing hotspots with 5G capabilities." This is exactly what i would expect – and that's for existing miners to receive an upgrade effectively making them 5g capable (kind of like my old Samsung S9 phone) … From and engineering perspective, if RAK can do it, so can the other manufacturers. I assure everyone that Tony Stark doesn't work for MNTD.

  3. This sucks also for the reason that many countries (including Argentina, where I live) don't have 5G connectivity yet so even if you can afford a 5G hotspot it would be useless… Shame

  4. I don't know man in the last 7 days I made $3.03 Canadian with my 2 HNT miners. Only about 6 years until I break even. HNT has become a joke and deserves to go to zero

  5. But Lora hotspot isn’t going to make 1.2% of the total earning? It literally says MARKET OPPORTUNITY… that does not equal earnings. Lora is still going to earning more than 90% of the total earning by far. I hope you read this and do proper research about topic that is high impact and not spread misinterpreted information

  6. This is a great time to get into iot mining. The rewards don’t go down….. and now the lowwran machines are so cheap.
    I guess it also depends on much value the iot coin will be worth

  7. If it worked like they said it should, carriers would ban it faster than you can buy the latest hardware.

  8. They said I can’t cancel my order because I paid with USDC. I just received my order today how do I get my money back?

  9. I have noticed that the big creators for HNT, have been saying this stuff…I guarantee that these large creators are trying to squash interest before the 5G miners come out because they are going to make so much money. Don't listen to these creators 5G is going to be so profitable and LoRa will still provide HNT over time as more and more IOT devices connect to the network, 5G is still going to be important and LoRa will still be good in small towns where you will have all the rewards as you build the network. They are trying to hog all the rewards. Don't listen to this video. 5G is the future of Helium and those who invest will be rewarded greatly.

    Homework: read hip 52 and 53 before commenting on this and then tell me I am wrong.

  10. their network is so big why dont they try to expand their services to a wider customer base in order to fund the network. the concept is so good if people bail the entire concept will die

  11. Just thought of this ! So I have a RAK miner V2 from Cal Chips. If I remember right, the hardware is a Raspberry Pi. Wouldn't it be possible just to reflash the hardware and turn it into say a Flux Node ?

  12. I got my RAK miner a little more than a year ago after waiting 13 months. First "dedicated" mining device. Not even near ROI. In a relatively dense area on a hill top using a 5.8dbi antenna. In a year plus, I've mined maybe 3 or 4 HNT. Super disappointed in this device.

  13. Not sure if I'm missing something, but as someone with a bobcat 300 and a 8dbi antenna. I'm extremely excited to see them realign the incentives to encourage 5G, LoRaWAN was a good proof of concept for them to prove that they can get coverage. If the same thing is achieved with a 5G network, they'll be competing with AT&T/Tmobile/verizon and can actually provide a pay as you use competitive service that people can use. Those 3 companies each have market caps over 100x of where HNT is right now, and those 3 companies aren't global! How can you be mad about that kind of pivot, it has the potential to benefit the world so greatly. Maybe I'm too optimistic, I'm sure things will go wrong, but it seems like an exciting step forward.

  14. Does market opportunity mean the same thing as mining payout? Or are they saying that by expanding into 5G they will be growing the market and growing the profitability? How many people are currently using a LORAWAN device vs a 5G device?

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