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  1. Gary wanted to slow up crypto so his cartel banking buddies can get in at cheaper prices and try to be the gate keepers of crypto

  2. Click on the correct tab to the left to get the area your interested in such as gaming project, Finance, etc. You were just looking at meme tokens I believe

  3. I think Republicans take back Congress nothing is going to happen this year …next year they'll have subpoena power and there will be crypto regulation in 2023 ….. mid terms in nov …

  4. bro… Rome wasn't built in a day… when people realize that ETH is going to be a centralized censored Blockchain people will flock in droves to ADA and true decentralized blockchains.. nobody like centralization… and self deregulated, careless, unplanned, billionaire blockchains like SOL and others will fail…

  5. I know you don't like this but damn it would be nice of you had time stamps. I work 12 hour shifts in a factory I domy have time to find what I wanna hear. Much love but bruh 8(. I've been listening to you for 2 years at this point and I can't watch half ur videos now. 😪

  6. Do any of your youtube memberships include for example a once a week investment ideas or discussions roundtable. For example, have the ability to have a discussion with you on discord or any other voip? Ty great content.

  7. But Cryptoviser, accoding to the Cardano roadmap we are currently in the Basho era. The Basho era is all about scalability and increasing transaction speeds. So, the Vasil hardfork and Hydra still have to happen before we hit the final part of the roadmap.
    Voltaire is the final part of the roadmap right now. Voltaire is where the Governance comes in.

    P.S. i think Charles heard you when you said , and I paraphrase, " Talk to me about when to launch these hard forks."
    In my opinion, i sat stretch out the hard fork including Hydra until next bull run. Or close to it.

  8. There are a lot of stakepool coins in Cardano. Not sure how it will evolve but it gives a different dynamic for SPOs.

  9. Don't you consider the number 157 crypto exchanges suspect in the Forbes article? How many crypto exchanges are there around the world? Then again, there are 193 countries. Just trying to get a handle on that 157 number.

  10. Your correct. Equity bear markets last a long time because a base needs to be built to sustain the next bull market. And that goes for bitcoin also. Bitcoin in my opinion will test the 17.5K low and possibly go lower.

  11. Europe and the United Snakes of America should remove energy sanctions on Russia and energy costs will plummet world wide.

  12. but cryptoviser, it's just a matter of time until the crypto futures market dictates the price of the coins just like gold and silver. Let the real manipulation begin!

  13. Agreed that the extra travel to pay less for gas can be silly, but if you think of it in gallon terms, might be better (I get a .1/3 or 1/2 gallon more for example)

  14. Voltaire is in its early stages. Cardano improvement projects (CIPS) are introduced to Project Catalyst where there are community votes. Anyone who holds ADA can vote on any project. There have been about nine rounds of votes and each "vote" contains many projects. I think it would be a good idea to inform your research group about CIP 33 CIP 34 and CIP 35. Many projects are waiting till the Vasil Hardfork to deploy. The Cardano blockchain requires patience and one should inform oneself before thing too much. Fundamentally you are incorrect about the criticism of the Treasury.

  15. I think it is hard for people to believe that they want people to hurt. Most people do not get satisfaction from seeing people experience pain. There are people in this world that get off on it. There is actually a word for this: Shadenfreude.

  16. Interesting take on the car loans. When rates were around 4% in 2017 – 2018 car dealers wanted me to pay 8% with their in house financing. I did not want to pay that percentage on a car loan and decided to see what my traditional bank could offer me. My bank offered me 4.75% with a .25% reduction for direct deposit every month. Even though rates are high right now it's important to do your own research.

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