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Charlie Lee – #Litecoin Past, Present, & Future (Live Interview) #LTC

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#Litecoin #CharlieLee #Mimblewimble
Rice Crypto Show: Charlie Lee – #Litecoin Past, Present, & Future (Live Interview) #LTC. On this episode, I will be joined by Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin. This will be Charlie’s second time on the channel and we will be talking about all things Litecoin: Past, Present, & Future. LTC recently celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary, Mimblewimble #MWeb upgrade & Taproot added to the protocol, OmniLite layer, merge mining to help Doge, and more.

First Interview w Charlie Lee:


MWeb Uprade:

10yr Anniversay Twitter Post/Thread:

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  1. Great interview Rice! Really admire your knowledge and being able to ask intelligent questions. I have always really liked LTC and use it for the majority of my purchases, as it is widely accepted, fast and cheap to use. I really like the fact that Charlie has kept it focused on being a superior and secure medium of exchange and I have been surprised that many seem to lack an appreciation for its strengths. It does not keep up with every fad and trend to keep it in the popular public eye, but it just keeps on working, dependably and well. I see a great future for it. I like Charlie Lee and never bought some of the haters who judged him for selling his LTC and his reasons for doing it. People should have more appreciation for his very important contributions to the creation of an honest money/currency system for the world.

  2. Shitcoin, charlie lee never mention its all time low ratio? Irrelevant coin that nobody cares for.

  3. Wow wow wow! Too much to learn about litecoin. Per andreas antonopoulos Litecoin and Bitcoin are identical twins and both are the same DNA. what ever Bitcoin has it Litecoin has it too. Mind blow

  4. Sorry I missed this, was in classes for licensing when this was going on. What a great interview Chris! Great job.

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