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Coinbase Report Reveals MEGA-Bullish Bitcoin & Ethereum Adoption

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Coinbase’s revenue, trading volumes, monthly transacting users and platform assets all rose in the final quarter of a year during which the company became the first publicly traded crypto exchange. The crypto exchange’s trading volume hit $547 billion, a nearly 70% quarter-over-quarter increase. Coinbase is also claiming that current ETH staking yields (between 4-5%) should double to upwards of 9-12% APR in June.

00:00 intro
00:44 Coinbase Q4 Revenue
03:15 ETH Yields will double
05:44 Bitcoin Holdings Skyrocket
09:29 Buy the Invasion
11:12 Coinbase Report Data
16:51 Goldman Sachs Joins Coinbase
17:59 ALICE listed on Coinbase
20:32 Bitcoin Sentiment
21:43 Crypto Power Index Data
25:15 outro

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~Coinbase Report Reveals MEGA-Bullish Bitcoin & Ethereum Adoption~
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  1. Greatest Channel out there
    appreciate all the hard work you doing and I've been sharing this with other newcomers

  2. I must simply have bad luck. As soon as I catch one of your vids mentioning hottest NFT coins, meta coins, alts, etc I snatch em up and most I picked up from your videos (not financial advice) I lost 50% easy of my investment. I know we hit a few bad bumps in the road with covid, the market and now Pootin crapping all over the place, so I'm keeping calm and HODLing on.

  3. I< trade with Mr Nicholas Jon Weachter, and I must say he makes money making seem a whole lot easier right now I'm a single parent and I pay the bills comfortably since I met r Nicholas Jon Weachter, He's absolutely amazing and I'd recommend Mr Nicholas Jon Weachter for any novice in crypto>

  4. paul tell me about loopring nft minting directly on layer 2 and what that means what does it mean? im not sure but it's provocative

  5. Paul Barron Id love to better understand the power index charts is trending tight good or bad … what do these numbers mean

  6. Lol I don’t think a single self-respecting investor in the U.S. or otherwise will ever use Coinbase. Paul is a homer for sure

  7. Is it possible to look at all these node projects that are out there and are they all a Ponzi?

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  9. I have my investments currently in Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, yield nodes, and just decided to drop a gamble into strong nodes. I haven't bothered to get involved with traditional Ethereum nor Bitcoin mainly due to the larger scale volatility.

  10. What do you mean my neighbor Alice us hitting coin base on Thursday? It’s already there?

  11. Paul, Ive went all in on 4 cryptos; Bitcoin, mined eth for a year on a 3080, got about $500 in SAND and SOUL is my favorite project. Ill be homeless tomorrow, been jobless due to being blacklisted for filing an 11c against my prior employer. And so I cannot afford to put any money in at the moment. Love to get a job, with yall, but I'm hodling everything I got until times get better

  12. you think we saw a crisis and a dip because of ucraine? Wait till CHINA invade Taiwan! BTC will go down like ice-cream in the summer

  13. Wow that sounds like Cardano Maybe etherium developers learn something from them finally.

  14. etherium should have slowed down and make sure they got it right the first time instead of trying to recreate something that's broken it's going to take forever to fix it

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