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Cosmos Hub Prop 76 – Should we impose Minimum Comision?

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  1. I belive there shall be a option to stake to all validators in one go equity is the future an certainly a limit % for example 100 validations 1% each maybe the second one not so valid but will be nice to do something about it

  2. I have absolutely no problem paying a 10% comission to a Validator
    that needs the flexibilty required to 'stay alert' and 'Limber' enough
    to operate in a Dynamic way during times of High volatilty
    *in OUR COMMON interest…

  3. I don't know if it's 'Good' or 'Bad' – I suspect it is 'not good.' That's debateable –
    but anyone who is Stupid enough to think that a 0% validator
    isn't selling info on their delegators is 'too innocent' to play this game.

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