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Croissant Games Staking – How Much I Made in 1 Week

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Croissant Games launched one week ago on MM.Finance. This video details the profits I made from one week of staking. The Croissant.Games platform is a crypto casino on the Cronos chain that also enables yield farming and NFT staking.

0:00 – Croissant Games Updates
1:23 – Staking Overview
2:09 – Croissant Token Pool
2:52 – Croissant-MMF Pool
3:24 – Results
4:07 – Staking Tips
5:09 – Closing Thoughts

Croissant Games –
MM Finance Referral Link –
Ebisu’s Bay NFT Marketplace –
My Twitter –

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  1. Haven’t gotta into this yet but check out croala’s awesome nft project!!

  2. Your personal comparisons of the two staking pools was very helpful. Looking forward to seeing your review of Cro king

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