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  1. Hi please, what you would invest if you would starts now?
    I want go to vaults MMO and MMF USDT. But MMF is almost on ATH, not sure if good time to buy.

    And I bought CRO high for 0,53. Dont know what to do with it now, I just hodl it. Thanks for opinon.

  2. Duce I appreciate the generosity of your time! I wish I would have gotten into the CBO pool when you did. I’ve been waiting for it to drop the last few days before I hop in but it hasn’t done that yet, still on 🔥.

    What are the top resources you use to find these projects early before launch?

  3. I enjoyed your podcast i wanted to join I’m serious about crypto but I wanted to have fun while doing it

  4. I have the indigo one ,staked £3000 0n it it dropped to £1200 at one point but ended up at £13,000 ,it was a right touch ✌

  5. I just finished watching this video. Great content man. Keep it up. Greetings from Romania! I'm heavy on MM farms and vaults. Got out of vvs today. Better with MMF.

  6. Why is is always so dark in your room??
    You trying to save money on electricity so you can put it in crypto?? 😂

  7. good show loving the energy 👍 cant wait to get my jade green card been using the rubi red an i love it

  8. I have a goal to make $40 a day on farming or Staking. I’m only making pennies now. Got into VVS Finance. Need to exit. Very new to this!

  9. V3s made me mad money but becareful cuz when epoch hits 12 shit could go crazy and shit drop big time so am playing safe and pulled today and wait to see what happens next 12hr after it hit to find a good entry point

  10. thanks So much ,for auto compound , if i use Mad Meerkat Optimizer instead of dark Cypto would it be the same result?

  11. v3s 5 mill mk next weekend? the good thing about it is vvs is dropping cause of the massive deflations so v3s will expand constantly right?

  12. I learn alot from u glad I found u..I would be broke. I now know don't put money when a coin shoots up fast because whales like cash out when it's high, then the coin drops back where it was then u lost some money..I also know and learn new projects like mshare svn and v3s vshare don't invest right after it goes live I stake 1900 in svn when it was higher then mmo then it drop my money went from 1900 to 900 then when I build it back up 1700 I stake it in vshare when it was $75 when it first air it drop to 1200 I pull out to save it stake it back on svn when it stop dropping at $1 slowly I made back 1300,,then I took my croking $100 and cromoon put it in vshare i waited still it slow down with 1300 I made 2700 in 3 days best think I did so far.. I learn now don't invest in new coins right away they don't stay at that price after they air..and don't invest in coins that just got listed on mmf just wait awhile see if mmf keeps it or remove it or the coin removes it self..

  13. Hey, what's up Duce. It seems like you're more into this than me. Can you enlighhten me with a question I have. If I bought into mmf cro when the prices were lower and now everything is going high. Is it a good idea to take out the profit from the spike and just leave the principle investment I put in. Wondering if that's a good idea or wherher it's better to hold onto the coins I bought at the lower price. For example if I started with 10k and that went up to 12k due to the coins rising is it a good idea to take out that $2000 profit and just leave the 10k I started with? Also wondering if it's a good strategy to always put the earnings back into the pool rather than keep them separate. Hoping to get my original 10k back as fast as possible and then just let 10k of profit running there. Thank you and bless.

  14. Great stream bro, quick observation regarding the boardroom on V3S. Correct me if i'm mistaken but from my understanding when you stake your VSHARE, it requires 72hrs before you can unstake and everytime you claim your V3S, it resets that 72hr timer. Now based on the DOCS, claiming resets the timer, but if you wait the 72hrs and don't claim anything. When you go to finally unstake your VSHARE, everything that you hoarded in V3S rewards from that 72hrs gets burned and is unclaimable. You can ONLY unstake the VSHARE. so basically it's designed for you to lock up your VSHARE indefinitely in order to keep claiming the rewards. Which has me confused because that's nothing like how it is in the OASIS. Am I understanding this correct? My fault for the long ass comment LMAO

  15. Hey do u know how remove LP tokens from mmf that's not listed on their platform after they rugpull vshare and v3s I have 114 bucks invested on v3s finance mmf didn't give us some time to remove out LP they just did it.. if u look on the app theirs alot of people still has money stuck in TLY

  16. Thank you. I have gold when CRO was 7 cent. 5%.By the way Savana has announce coin reallocation so all eco system moving up.

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