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Crypto: Luna 2.0 set to launch, Terra to burn leftover stablecoins in community pool

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Yahoo Finance crypto reporter David Hollerith reports on the launch of Luna 2.0, Terra’s token burn, and the outlook for crypto.
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  1. That’s a lie. Most people that lost are not receiving their fair amount of tokens. Don’t trust luna2

  2. CZ Binance needs to burn!! This is market manipulation and they are keeping all prior investors from recovering.
    Luna2 is a scam!! They are not to be trusted and was not fair with their recovery plan, how can the majority of investors recover with nothing(luna2) to recover from. There is still millions of people that lost everything with millions of dollars missing with nothing in return. The vote was fixed for the recovery methods. Everyone during the crash got only a post attack price which is not fair at all. Their should be a certain percentage to all that lost.
    The investors that bought after the crash got the same amount as people during the crash after the first snap shot. This is thievery and is not behind the luna investors. Most people are left with nothing and can’t move to luna2.
    Bring back LUNC!!!

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  11. … yeah, let me just pile all my money into that 🥴. The big firms' algos have their claws into cryptocurrency, and are using it's liquidity as yet another trading vehicle.

  12. My successor to Luna 2.0 will be ready soon. I am creating TulipCoin which will combine the best of BitCoin and tulip bulbs. A very valuable tulip bulb will have a digital chip inserted into it. If you hold it close to your ear, you will be able to hear the space aliens. The estimated value of TulipCoin is $1,000,000. BitCoin is not accepted for payment.

  13. Can we, um, get this, um, so-called journalist, uh, off this, um, yahoo finance lineup? I can’t, uh, believe, um, that people, uh, like this, um, are allowed to, uh, offer their viewpoint on, uh, anything. Give more interviews to Alexandra Seminova.

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  17. The first scam ran its course, but a fool is born everyday, so let’s start again…

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