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Crypto News Today | 5th Jan | Bitcoin, Ethereum, Internet Computer, Ravencoin – CoinSwitch Kuber

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Bitcoin price reaches Rs 34.44 lakh after a jump of 0.16%
Ethereum price reaches Rs 2.83 lakh with a rise of 1.7%

Among popular Altcoins-

Internet Computer price reaches Rs 2,781.4 with a jump of 29.5%
Constellation price reaches Rs 18.96, with a jump of 24.1%
Ravencoin price reaches Rs 9.87 with an increase of 20%

Top Crypto Headlines:

🚀 Bitcoin set to ​grab more gold​ share​: Goldman​​ Sachs
​🚀 Melania Trump celebrates Bitcoin’s 13th ​anniversary
🚀 Samsung to get Cardano exposure
🚀 Bitcoin will hit $100k this year: Nexo founder

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