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CURVE WARS ep 3: yearn finance and convex

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#liquidity #curve #convex
If you are doing DeFi seriously you should know all about this war. Liquidity is changing DeFi Curve, Convex, Yearn Finance, Redacted, Platypus Finance, Tokemak, Votemak, Votium, Saber Solana, Solid, each of them has a role in this game.

Today we will talk about how Yearn Finance has been able to take advantage from this situation, but how Convex outplayed it.

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#curvefinance #liquidity #convexfinance

00:00 The third episode of the series dedicated to the liquidity war
00:35 The goal of this series
00:43 Recap of last episode
01:22 How Yearn Finance and Convex Finance reached this power and how it works
01:51 Let’s start: the platform of Curve
02:31 Yearn Finance
04:04 An example with Mim
05:42 The Labs Feature
06:36 yvBOOST
06:50 Your voting power
07:36 Recap the mechanism
08:35 Another advantage, a liquid token
09:07 The real king of this war, Convex Finance
10:06 CVX
11:03 Convex Finance two main things
11:32 Another feature introduced by Convex Finance
12:11 Another innovation: the possibility to lock your CVS
13:32 A really high power into Curve
14:38 A war moving from the Curve Finance inside the Convex Finance, the real power
15:32 A really high amount of value
16:16 Recap overview
17:17 A good question for the next episode, conclusion


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  1. Thanks for taking us though this! Very interesting and it helps that you reiterate things, allows me to get a better grasp of tricky parts.

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