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Day 522 – FBI Warns on DeFi, Our DeSo Optimism/Pessimism & More

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Day 522
⁃ The FBI has asked DeFi platforms to increase security measures.
⁃ We discuss he potential optimistic and pessimistic events that could take place in the the future on Deso.
⁃ @DeSocialWorld now allows for the filtering of mass-tagging. (
⁃ @MechellLord is now curating a new @GDvirtualgalleries. (


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  1. My number one concern is Nader /Management of DESO, will ruin the tokenomics. This idea of increasing supply , will dampen the attractiveness for future investors. With only 10.8 Million Total Supply and most in circulation, DESO will be set , for possible big returns on investment, in the next Bullrun.

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