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Defi Kingdoms Crystalvale Airdrop Calculations Heroes vs xJEWEL

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Here’s my understanding of what could be the most lucrative way of making money right now in dfk, and what the best way to make as much CRYSTAL as possible may be. NFA and hope you guys enjoy!


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  1. i had staked and held i bank also the hero but still waiting fir the drop, do u think we hav been scammed ??? not sign or even a talk o the airdrop from the team, seems like tems dumped the jwls n done a runner as no post or tlk about crystal drop

  2. Great video, crunching the numbers. Just remember the issues with tavern aren't 100% fixed yet. The floor is a bit higher than 28. That SMN has been showing for days but not available to buy lol

  3. Thanks for the video! Are you considering the Crystal LP in your allocation decisions at all? Maybe the airdrop and Crystal LP launch are on different timelines where it wouldn't impact your airdrop strategy but I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts about how allocations change once the Crystal LP does launch.

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