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Defi Kingdoms Ep. 2 – Locked Jewel, $4 Jewel, FoxSwap | How To Buy Locked Jewel For Cheap

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If you play DFK, hmu in discord. I’m always looking to learn more and connect and help others in this space. I’m obviously very bullish in this as the new world Crystalvale is coming out, being one of the first if not the first multichain NFT game. Let’s see Jewel go back to $25. 🙂

Hangout w/ me and other likeminded individuals:

Current Jewel Price:
Start DefiKingdoms:
Their Discord:

Yup, unfortunately a hater paid to remove my Instagram through a black hat service so I’ve been using this IG:

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  1. Love the videos! Keep them coming.
    Can you Foxswap buy and sell as much as you want, or will the game limit to how much you can do this? I'm on the fence about buying or maybe even selling some.

  2. Thanks for sharing 🙂 am quite new to DFK myself, any idea when this batch of Locked Jewels u just bought will be Unlocked? and also will it be Unlocked automatically by the system? just subbed, cheers!

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