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Degen Toonz NFT Rate & Review By The Players Club

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We don’t see many NFT projects like these right here. On todays segment of Players Pick brought to you by the Players Club we review Degen Toonz NFT and Metaverse project.

One of the safest bets you can make as a beginner in the NFT realm is to invest in great artists. When you find an NFT artist you can love like NFT collectors have with the one behind Degen Toonz NFT you won’t stress the cost.

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00:00 Intro
01:45 DegenToonz Website
3:40 Roadmap
5:20 Utility
6:25 Team
7:05 Community
9:18 Players Pick Score

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  1. What you told us, it is happening now. Thanks for the review buddy, keep it up 🧨🔥 LFG

  2. My max cost would be $1K for one of these. What do you think about Clementines nightmare?

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