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Dequency Launches on Algorand to Revolutionize Music Licensing with Web3!

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Dequency just launched on Algorand’s carbon negative blockchain! Gianna discusses how they’re using Algorand to empower musicians and cut the middleman.

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  1. Great news.❤ I will be giving you a like. Thanks. 🤑🤑🤑😁😆 Come on Algo show me them gynormous green candles 🔋🔋🔋🔋

  2. This is amazing news!! and this is gonna be big for artists moving forward. Needledrop would eat this news up

  3. love this channel, I think the intro could use some work though. Its kinda just spoken fast anyway. Maybe just do something shorter and more to the point.
    Because there aren't alot of crypto/blockchain dedicated channels that are actually reporting blockchain news, not just hyping up or trash talking the latest doo-doo coin. Love what youre doing keep up the great work! <3

  4. love your channel with the latest news 🙂
    and do some chart analysis too to hype up your channel

    keep up the good work

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