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Devconnect recap, Optimism token and much more – The Daily Gwei Refuel #355 – Ethereum Updates

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Timestamps and links 👇

00:00 Introductory song
00:10 Devconnect recap
10:20 Anthony judging hackathon
10:29 Linda on the diverse hackers
10:39 Hackathon finalists
11:53 EF’s treasury report
14:50 Trent’s screenshots from R&D Amsterdam
15:39 Guillaume on Condrieu testnet
16:35 Scroll’s $30M raise
16:08 EF security update
18:30 Polynya on DataLayr project
20:19 Connext’s $NEXT token
21:57 CLR Fund’s $350K ETH Staking QF round
23:17 SpruceID’s $35M raise
25:37’s $6M Series A raise
26:57 EPNS $10M Series A raise
27:46 Details on Ronin hack
30:37 Coinbase’s NFT market
32:14 Hildobby’s Dune dashboard on ETH staking
33:24 Anthony’s interview w/ CryptoStakerCom
33:59 Sassal on another successful mainnet shadow fork
35:22 Sassal on EU trying to ban Bitcoin by stealth
40:37 Sassal on need for more staking providers like Lido
46:17 Superphiz on Project Sunshine
47:16 Polygon Supernets announcement
49:12 Stripe Polygon partnership
50:41 TC on LuiqiFi building ‘Carta of Web3’
52:47 Zapper’s iOS mobile app
53:34 Uniswap’s 49.5% share of Polygon market
55:07 0xWave’s tweet/image showing CT-NFT divide
58:11 Anthony on AltCoinDaily interview part 2
58:46 Optimism Collective’s $OP token
1:02:19 Sassal on Optimism’s airdrop flywheel
1:08:59 Trent’s positive take on Optimism’s tokenomics
1:10:10 Polynya on Optimism & RU innovation
1:11:45 Jon on Emin Gün Sirer’s bad layer 2 take
1:14:42 Tim Beiko’s take on the difficulty bomb
1:16:58 EthereumOrg’s Q2 roadmap
1:17:53 Mizbani on deceptive Avalanche metrics
1:21:38 0xProject’s $70M raise
1:23:12 Argent’s $40M raise
1:24:19 Hashflow’s bridgeless crosschain swaps
1:25:15 Johns’ NiceNode guide
1:26:43 Sassal on Solana having to reboot again
1:34:32 Tim Beiko on what Ethereum is shipping
1:35:38 Sassal on Yuga Labs burning 55,000 ETH
1:36:50 Sassal likening bullishness developments w/ 2019


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  1. Happy to have you back! Your show is so needed. We need lots more like it but there just aren't many out there.

  2. Thanks for catching up so much.
    p.s. You should use ad blockers in your browser to prevent ads from showing in your videos.

  3. I've listened to a LOT of talks from the BTC conference. No-one was talking about price. I love ETH but BTC is hugely important for the world to escape the fake fiat monetary system. It should not be understated. And Lightning is definitely not a meme.

  4. I've always thought the same thing about Bitcoin, of course I love their community, but it seems there is less to talk about…

  5. Love it. Thanks for the work ya put in. I always love a good rant at the end, and I go away jacked. Stack that eth!

  6. Disagree with your point on NFT people or NFT twitter not caring or knowing much about ETH. I'd say they're some of the most diehard eth fans and care very much about the merge.

  7. The problem is people investing early dumping on the community for not having connections and millions to be early. optimism allocations are terrible.
    We need fair distribution

  8. Dude, you are a legend for going over the whole last two weeks you'd missed while you were away, thank you so much. Agree with pretty much everything you say, thanks heaps for the education (crypto newbie here). Loved this episode! Welcome back brother!

  9. Welcome back! Interesting YoY, QQQ down 10%, BTC down 30%, yet Eth flat. OG DEFI is about to lead us out of this churn, still on top on cryptofees. Cheers!

  10. So good to have you back! Daily routine hasn’t felt right and I’ve felt completely lost with no clue what’s happening on Ethereum. Thanks for all you do and glad Amsterdam was amazing!

  11. Welcome back! Been missing you on my screen mate. Glad you had a good time 🙂

  12. Anthony you are an amazing individual! Thank you for all you do. So excited about the future and so much of it is because of you. Glad you are back!!!

  13. Thanks for taking a long break and still deciding to come back! ❤

  14. Anthony and rest of the gang here, I've got a question. When eth implements sharding this will be on L1 I believe. Sharding will make eth faster and cheaper? What will be the purpose of L2s at this point? Sorry if this sounds like a newbie question but I'm trying to learn as much as i can about ethereum.

  15. 1:32:14 "Ethereum is based on years and years of research and development", where have I heard this before?

  16. You keep saying "Avalanche is basically a copy of Ethereum" .. this is very inaccurate, perhaps the C-Chain is, but not the whole thing. Otherwise great content!

  17. As an architect and urban designer its really great to hear people talk about how our cities can be improved with biking and pedestrian infrastructure. Most people don't understand just how much harder life is made for them because of how the city is designed. Welcome back AS!

  18. Oh no… Sassal is bullish we all know what that means 🐻 lol jk glad to have your daily videos back!

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