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"Don't Buy ANYTHING Right Now…" Gareth Soloway On Why Bitcoin & Ethereum Will Make New Lows

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“Don’t Buy ANYTHING Right Now…” Gareth Soloway On Why Bitcoin & Ethereum Will Make New Lows

Gareth Soloway has been very accurate in his crypto market predictions so far in 2022. In his latest interview he speaks on why he foresees more pain for Bitcoin, Ethereum and the crypto market as a whole.

In his latest interview – technical trader and analyst Gareth Soloway claims – “Bitcoin shining during inflation was always a myth,” Soloway says that Bitcoin has never experienced an era without quantitative easing stemming from the Fed, and has a $20,000 high-end and a $12,000 low-end target for the digital asset.

Gareth Soloway, Chief Market Strategist at, discusses Bitcoin price level forecasts and how a $20,000 Bitcoin Price Prediction Could Be Coming Up – What’s Next?


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CREDITS: The Best Buy Pre-Merge? $BTC vs. $ETH w/ Gareth Soloway

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  1. I'm starting to think with all this adoption and popularity still around for BTC that institutions and more will get in sooner than later. I also bought near the top so ..yea, i'm not a good judge when it comes to timing.

  2. Nice video. Btc and Eth as you say will make new lows. So Altcoins is a good option , like Dora Factory DAO. or Unifi Protocol Dao, GRT, Metis and so on… Check it out and study it, then you will see what i'm saying. (Note: Not a Financial Advice.)

  3. This post is so valuable and so honest. I am very grateful for this content, I have been making losses trying to make profit trading. I thought trading demo account is just like trading the real market… can anyone help me out or at least advise me on what to do?

  4. Given that BTC represents the future of cryptocurrencies and that traders are unsure of the ideal time to buy or sell, I believe you should think more carefully about the issue before making any snap judgments. The recent volatility in BTC's price indicates that the market has grown unsteady, making it difficult to predict whether it will continue to be bearish or go bullish. Prior to meeting Eric Birger, I've suffered a series of trading losses. His AlgoSignal strategies have been extremely profitable for my crypto trading as I've watched my portfolio grow by six figures under his guidance.

  5. I ve been following DracooMaster for months now, and his new 500000$ tournament seems promising. Could you comment on that? Not looking to shill it, just asking to see if my info is correct. Thx for taking the time to answer

  6. Great stream, as always. I appreciate the level-headed approach you take to the news and the markets. More emphasis should be put into trading since it is way profitable than hodling. Trading went smooth for me as I was able to raise over 10.2 BTC when I started at 4.5 BTC in just few weeks implementing Michael Christensen's daily trading signals and tips.

  7. Determination is highly needed in stocks trading.. What most people see at a glance wealth, a great career, purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time, we all need make moves now..

  8. Determination is highly needed in stocks trading.. What most people see at a glance wealth, a great career, purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time, we all need make moves now..

  9. <<I respect your work mate, It blows my mind how some people are still treating this like a buy the dip scenario. Trade a small percentage of your portfolio rather than going in and out every couple weeks trying to time the market. Trading went smooth for me, thanks to Jonah Howie, for his amazing skills for helping me to earn 7 (btc) from 1.8 (btc) through day trading.

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  13. Wonderful video ! First go Into BITCOIN back in 2016 and have been holding/buying sats at different price point since. I've been through correction before I'll likely experience more over the future . Volatility is simply the price one needs to pay if they wants to play. I don't have any Alts as I'm a bit of a BTC Maxi, but that said if BTC hasn't died before,it surely won't do so now.Stick it there-yes we all felling the pain,but over the long run this will just be a blip.This is how i see past corrections when I felt that I got in a high (back then I think it was less than $1000 and bouncing all over the place!). Now when I looked back all I see is regret for not having the courage of buying more at those times.But if you believe BTC have value ,then by all means buy these dips if you can afford to.For toe who got in at 60 or 70k felling the crunch.hang in BTC.BTC is not a get rich quick scheme.wait it out and you will see: you will come away stronger.I buy and just trade long term more than ever ,I have made over 18 BTC from day trading with Leo feayillig in crypto few weeks. this is one of the medium to backup your assets Incase it goes bearish.Technical analysis is my second language… You can reach MR leo feayillig on 𝕋𝕖𝕝𝕖𝕘𝕣𝕒𝕞 @feayillig

  14. <Awesome post I must say. Crypto is moving with little sign of stopping throughout the past few days and weeks, with movements reaching a clear impasse, the aggregated cryptocurrency market has been following in Btcoin's lead and is struggling to garner any decisive momentum. One analyst is now noting that BTC has been holding above a key macro level throughout the past few months. i appreciate the honesty/ the most you tubers this days is only up to the moon/ funny part is that nobody is talking or taking in consideration of what's happening around us !!!!! /stock market, delta variant, inflation and so on; let alone of how bitcoin perform before in the same situation in the past. What's best to do now is to trade with pro treder Daniel as to stack up more even in this period.

  15. Wow, the bots and garbage comments are really strong in this channel. Avoid this type of video, the market has already priced this in. Hence the drop after the Fed's speech on Friday. It's a trade sideways for the next 6 to 12 months, waiting for the economy to improve. It's not difficult, hold if you are down and DCA if you want to improve your position. Maybe a little bit lower but it's not going down to 10k for btc or 700 for Eth. That is undervalued to the extreme

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  19. It's strange how people talk about all the profits, they've been making through trading of bitcoin, while am here making huge loses. Please can Someone put me through on the right path or at least advise me on what strategy to follow

  20. BEWARE OF SCAMMERS IN THIS THREAD…anyone that claims to have a name of an advisor that made huge gains for them is total BS, most people know this but people new to Crypto may not DO NOT ENGAGE WITH THEM

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  25. Excellent content. I used the last dip to stock up, buying AMZTS3 now its cheap, can't miss the presale.

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