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dYdX Leaving Ethereum for Cosmos

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dYdX Announcement –
Thread on Cosmos –

dYdX, a large protocol currently on an Ethereum Layer 2, announced that it is moving to its own Cosmos chain. In this video, I go through how this could be the start of a showdown between Ethereum Layer 2 rollups and Cosmos chains to be the predominant blockchain scaling solution.

0:00 Intro
0:56 Dynamo DeFi
1:06 dYdX Background and Decision
3:39 Implications of dYdX Move
6:18 Other Cosmos News
7:37 What does it Mean to be Built on Cosmos?
9:05 Cosmos Hub and ATOM
11:06 Ethereum Rollup Momentum

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  1. Good for them! It's time for more developers to step out of the "safety" of "because we have always used ETH" Its time to see developers letting go of those fears of upgrading to modern, more appropriate technology. ETH tech is old.

  2. Not a smart move. By doing this it loses out on one of the biggest communities in Crypto. Dydx price may go up, but users likely to go down imo.

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  4. Nothing in the world is more common than unsuccessful people with talent." –Anonymou

  5. Thanks Patrick for the very important news again. I have a new video idea your favorite projects on cosmos (juno,osmosis,evmos,scrt?) and also if you see any bluechip L1 interoperability in the future atom-dot-eth-avax, if that's feasible and if cosmos hub could be the main governor for that? Thanks again cheers!

  6. Excellent stuff Patrick – definitely the best explanation of the value of Cosmos I've seen so far!

  7. I keep telling people eth is done! It was just first and riding off of popularity. When you get down to the actual tech… It’s already obsolete so what future does it have… The rabbit never wins the race!

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