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E409 What happened to Crypto and your ALTS? Bitcoin happened

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We progress through an in-depth crypto market scan looking for technical setups and potential opportunities. Crypto Technical Analysis (CTA) seeks to identify potential strengths and weaknesses via crypto charts to create profitable trades.

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  1. Letโ€™s get working on those bear eyes ๐Ÿ‘€ Tales!!!! The blame gameโ€ฆ. Until you can point the finger back around at the person in the mirror it is impossible to have real wealth!!!

  2. 29:35 "Professional traders sit on paper losses, they have no problem with a paper loss…"

    Very true and someone pointed out to me that you should 'always expect to see your positions transiently in a loss', because the only way it would work otherwise would be if you nailed the ABSOLUTE bottom every single time – something that is mechanically impossible to feasibly pull off let alone pull off consistently. One of those simple things that sort of needs to be contemplated.

  3. Hi Ken

    I never blame other or my self i just take accountability for the outcome good or bad and learn from the experience.Iv learnt this as I have shared with you before (If its up to me its meant to be )

    And applied knowledge is power

  4. Has anyone noticed by the way how incredibly well Cosmos ( Atom ), has held up through this free fall ??

  5. Thank you, master Ken,๐Ÿ™ no blame here only learn. Moving out of Zone 2 since I found this channel I am grateful for your teaching every day.

  6. If you consciously take responsibility for anything and everything that occurs either to you or through you, then blame and anger fade away.
    Taking responsibility for things that you nay believe you have had no hand in, is incredibly difficult , yet each time you do it you gather strength .
    I'm working on this one:)

  7. Hi Ken – so where is the money flowing? If we're seeing selling of equities, bonds and crypto while gold and the DXY stay steady…

  8. Happy Monday KS Family. I am primied and ready for the week ahead. I have mentally written off my paper losses. Hoping for a further dip to fill those cheeky orders!

    To get over blame: Expect and accept mistakes. As long as they don't involve leverage in the crypto market!

  9. Kinda annyoed by the fact that the cycle i decide to join, crypto decides its going to be a macro asset now. Can just get a 2017 again? That would have been waaaay easier to trade id imagine.

  10. Hi Ken I wont be blaming you or anyone if we don't hit a certain target. Nobody can predict the market with 100% certainty and i really appreciate you and ppl trying to make sense of it and sharing your theories and methods. For ex what happened with Plan B was too bad imo. Of course its okay to say something to him but a lot of ppl apparently were really angry with him, maybe instead of taking responsibility for their own decisions?… Idk..All i can do is try to not blame others or myself and just try to put things in perspective and learn. If i think i should say something i try to communicate with ppl to offer my viewpoint. Work in progress…sometimes i fall short.

  11. Hi Ken. Ah yes blame. Trying to do less then that. Typically when I get into that space I'll do a personal inventory to see where that destructive emotion is coming from. Usually fear of not getting something I "deserve" fuels the blaming obsession. There is the old saying the when I'm pointing a finger at something, 3 fingers are pointing back at me. Also if I'm not the problem, there is no solution. Thanks for continuing to share your wisdom and experience

  12. Thank you so much, Master Ken! ๐Ÿ™ One thing I would like to reproach myself for is not being able to convince more friends to watch our master's videos every day, let alone enroll in the master class and learn something really new and revolutionary, but I don't give up and keep trying tirelessly!

  13. Hi Ken and community!
    If we DO see bonds shooting up, oil fallin of a cliff and bond yields plummeting in the daily analysis, aren't we a bit too late then?

  14. The one thing that allowed me to move from zone two to three was to understand โ€œpeople see what they have learned to see. Everything else is invisible until they learn how to counter act the energy that blocks their awareness of what ever is unlearned and waiting to be discovered.โ€ Learning to process outside energy of the world/news, your memories, your believes is the key to removing these barriers and to have a successful traders mind set. This is one of my struggles not to put those barriers back up after working so hard to tear them down. Keeping an open mind and see the invisible.

  15. What a rough ride lately on the crypto-boat. No one to blame though. Like who would be to blame for bad weather? ๐Ÿ™‚ All the reason why I am here are still on: the network effects of Crypto, its counter-inflationary nature, smart contracts (I can tell you coding in Solidity is really fun!), pattern recognition and predicting trends in crypto trading. My son learns to read and write words, I learn to read and trade charts, how much cooler can life be?!

  16. Thanks Ken for another great video ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ™. Blame can be tough to overcome at times. It fogs the mind from seeing the bigger picture and gaining a better perspective. Blame is easier than accountability, that is why we do it. It also allows us to control the narrative + unload some repressed emotional pain. We use blame either to protect our egos, feel superior or to be victimized but all of it stems from a lack of self esteem. When we blame, we pay a heavy cost. We lose our personal growth, our power and even our empathy. Healthy relationships suffer as a result and we lose some of the positive influence we can have on others as blaming and lack of responsibility can be contagious. Many things that bother us should simply be viewed as water under the bridge whenever possible. If we accept that we are human and have a capacity for error, we can also accept + understand it in others as well. Cheers KS family ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ˜ƒ. You are the best.

  17. Hi Ken and community, i take responsibility for my own actions first! If you do that you don't blame another person but instead you try to learn from it to grow stronger. I try to be better to try not to blame people on things i don't have control over. I try to let that go and find my way with it. Sometimes that is hard. Think about what governments do to people around the world on behave of Covid. I really try to not be in the blame and anger modus because i don't have much/zero influence. But sometime that is hard because i am also a live and let live kind of person. With all that is going on i see a great polarization between people and that makes me sad and sometimes angers me.

  18. Hi Ken. Thanks for your video. Now is the time I just zoom out, spend more time in the masterclass, and try to analyse what I should have done different. I reckon I should have sold a bit on the break of weekly support around 53k on the daily close of 3'th december. (Even though I bought at that same level a week before when it was support). At least I'm learning from my mistakes, and instead of blaming myself, I try to see the positive in getting smarter by figuring out what to look for and avoid next time.

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