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Earn Bitcoin by Staking Nomic – Cosmos Bitcoin Bridge

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  1. is there a way to get in touch with them. i sent btc to the address and it didnt show.. their discord link on thier website is broken…

  2. Wow, really pumping the vids out at the moment. Great stuff, I will re delegate my measly Nomic holdings!

  3. I'm excited about nomic, pretty sweet to be earning BTC. Stuck with no Noms in the wallet so have nothing to pay transaction fees for compounding and delegating, I'm a dummy.

  4. All that compounding paid off! I spent much of last year holding STX because it was also supposed to yield BTC, but it was kind of a ghost chain so I fled to cosmos. Very exciting times for cosmos

  5. I will also give it a try. This brige is more decentralised than any other bitcoin bridge i believe

  6. Remember to like the video and share your opinions. Withdrawals seems to be not possible as of now after I have tried.

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