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EARN during DUMPS like a WHALE: two protocols to use during a bear market (Kujira and White Whale)

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#passiveincome #Kujira #orca #whitewhale
Two protocols to use when bitcoin is in a downtrend. Today we will talk about Kujira and White Whale, two protocols that are able to produce the maximum result while the market is bleeding. You can use them to hedge your risk and diversify your investments.

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00:00 Two protocols in order to earn a real passive income that is maximized in the moment when the market is bleeding as now
01:00 Bitcoin in red. The market is in deep red
01:32 What we can do right now in order to have the opportunity to earn in any case a passive income
01:49 Two protocols that take advantage of this kind of situation
02:19 The first protocol: Kujira composed by different tools Orca, Beluga, Blue
03:27 The most powerful tool: Orca
04:05 The liquidation process
04:31 Premium Bonus
05:34 How does it work
08:24 The problem
09:05 A strategy
11:43 Another protocol that you can use when the market is suffering: White Whale
12:08 The peg
12:29 The idea of White Whale
12:38 The way it works
14:00 A delicate market phase, suggestions


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  1. Se mettessi i miei aUST con bid a 30% di premium, sarebbe profittevole? In teoria tolte le fees prendere comunque di più rispetto a tenere solo UST su anchor e lasciare gli aUST. Se poi dovesse esserci un dump massivo e prendere dei bLUNA al 30% sarebbe non mi dispiacerebbe sicuramente. Che ne pensi?

  2. Per essere italiano parli benissimo inglese! Come mai la scelta di usare questa lingua? Broader audience?

  3. I did not understand Kujira at all. I usually get your videos but this one went over my head.

  4. Hello, check Simpli Finance, an autofarm with AI on top. Pretty high yield it pays.

  5. I would personally buy more btc or eth rather than high risk altcoins in a bear market. NFA.

  6. hi, not many videos can be seen where they make money on dumps, but did you make videos about promising coins that you can buy when the market falls? I was recently looking for coins and stumbled upon $NEAR, learned about different bloggers and most of them add up positively, what do you think?

  7. I have UST deposited in Anchor. Can I use the aUST shown in my wallet on Kujira to buy liquidated bETH and bLuna ?

  8. when i go to place a bid, it says that while a bid is active, it will not earn anchor yield. is "active" status right after i place the bid? or only when the protocol engages it so when liquidations are actively happening?

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