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EARN WITHOUT TRADING: GMX is the best dapp ever, or a passing trend?

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Everyone is talking about GMX, but how does it really work and what are the connected risk? Let’s discover it together.


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00:00 How does it work, is it a good opportunity, a chart that could be a warning
02:00 GMX
02:16 The UI
03:21 How does it work, two main feature
03:57 The leverage
05:36 What is important for you to know, the collateral
05:45 The reason why it is so peculiar
06:17 Two tokens: the GMX Token, The GLP Token
06:39 The peculiarity
07:07 All you have to do
08:28 The whole idea
09:20 The main risk at the moment when you are depositing GLP, the volatility
09:59 The main risk on the other side
10:13 There could be the worst scenario
11:16 The Earn Feature, the metrics
12:21 SQGMX, what does it means
12:46 The whole idea
14:22 How does it work
15:17 A big problem related to the price of GMX
16:01 What is even more incredible
16:21 The point about this big pump
16:38 The chart from Token terminal, the total revenues
18:13 What I would like to see
18:21 Another metric, the Fully Diluted Evaluation
19:43 What we can say right now about this big pump
20:00 The price of GMX compared to the price of other protocols
20:34 In the long term, the only way to increase the price
20:45 One thing that can help GMX to acquire more attraction, UMAMI
21:58 A basic strategy you can use in order to defend yourself while you are using GMX
22:35 Conclusion, suggestions


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